Free Online Typing Practice for Kids

KidzType: Fun Typing Practice for Kids! Enhance your child's typing skills with our engagement platform. Designed specifically for young learners, KidzType offers interactive exercises, lessons, and games to improve their speed and accuracy. From beginner to advanced levels, our curriculum ensures gradual progression. Children can practice letters, words, and sentences while enjoying colorful visuals and exciting themes. With achievement badges, progress tracking, and a safe online environment, KidzType keeps kids motivated and parents at ease. Start your child's typing practice journey with KidzType today and watch them become confident and proficient typists.

Typing Practice

Why Typing practice Is Important?


Typing Practice Fast & Fun Way to Improve Your Touch Typing Speed & Accuracy . Touch typing is a way of typing where you type without looking at the keyboard. It is a skill obtained through typing practice where you know what each letter is, and your fingers automatically start typing. Through practice, muscle memory develops to store the location of each letter on the keyboard and thereby increase your typing speed to a great extent. 

How to improve your typing speed?

There is no better alternative than typing practice to improve your typing speed. The more you practice with letters, numbers, sentences, etc., will largely help in improving your typing speed.

Other than that, the following tips will help you to improve your typing speed.


1. Always maintain the correct posture

2. Don’t try to look down at your hands

3. Always start by resting your hands at the home row marking

4. can the document fully before you start typing