Typing Exercises

If you are looking to improve your kids' typing skills, you need to have them learn and practice typing. While there are various websites available to teach typing, very few sites like Kidztype provide teaching exercises. In Kidztype, we offer various teaching exercise specially designed for everyone to learn and improve their typing skills quickly and easily.

Typing Exercise

When it comes to typing exercises, Kidztype offers various typing exercises regardless of your typing skills. Hence, everyone can come to Kidztype and start learning and practicing typing. Generally, typing is all about using hand-eye coordination. 

You need to bring all your ten fingers into action. If you are not using all your fingers to type, you are not using the correct technique, and your typing speed will be slow. 

This is where these typing lessons will come into play, as these exercises will enable you to improvise your typing skills and increase your typing speed to a great extent. In addition, KidzType also offers various typing games to improvise your typing skills.

How To Get Started?

If you are new to typing, then it's better to start with these typing lessons. As you proceed with each exercise provided here, you'll be able to gain accuracy and speed. As the proverb goes, "Practice makes things perfect", it is only through practice that you can gain accuracy and speed.

Home Row Exercise (ASDFG ;LKJH)

The home row exercise is the first level exercise in touch typing, where you learn to move your fingers back to the home row. For example, in the QWERTY keyboard, the home row is the third containing the letters ASDFG. If you notice clearly, there will be little bumps on the letters F and J. This is to help you locate the home row keys. The home row is the starting point from which you learn to move your fingers to other letters on the keyboard.

How Long Should You Practice?

It all depends on the number of hours you put in for practicing the exercises. It varies from individual to individual, but rather than the duration it takes, you must learn the skill. Some might take 30-45 days to get accustomed to the keys and type without errors and at a reasonable speed. But others might struggle a bit to get their muscle memory adjusted to the position of the fingers. But the more practice you put in, the faster that you will learn touch typing.

Which Typing Speed is Considered Normal?

Generally, people who type 20-40 wpm (words per minute) are considered average typing people. Anything less than 10 words per minute is considered slow. People with a typing speed of 60-100 are considered excellent, while anything more than 160 wpm is considered legendary.

Benefits of KidzType Typing Exercises

The typing exercises offered at Kidztype offers several benefits including:

It helps you excel in any kind of typing tasks like taking e-notes in classroom or typing an essay quickly etc.

These typing exercise helps you avoid typing errors as it helps in improving your spelling skills as well.

Complete your typing tasks quickly and easily than others.