Dance Mat Typing Level 3 - Stage 7

Dance Mat Typing  Stage 7

Keys: v and m.

Stage 7 focuses on two letters of the bottom row, which are v and m. But first, the previous rows and keys need to be practiced to really get the players good at typing full hand.

After reviewing all the stages of Level 1 and Level 2, we get to the keys of Stage 7. The letters’ position on the keyboard determines your hands, so the right hand presses m and the left pressed v. Once you have understood this, you place your hands on the home row like usual, and use the pointer fingers to use the v and m keys.

The pointer fingers of both hands now use multiple letters. Your left hand uses it for f, g, r, t, and now also v, which is just below the f key. Similarly, use the other pointer finger to operate the j, h, u, y, and the m key. Stage 7’s gong status bar shows your progress as you get used to the new keys.