Dance Mat Typing Level 2 - Stage 6

Dance Mat Typing Stage 6

Keys: q and p

After most of the main keys from the top row are understood , it is time to finish off the row completely by learning how to use the last two remaining keys on the row, q and p.

Stage 6 platform takes you through the regular home row key review, then focuses on what the last two stages taught, i.e. the t, y, w, and o keys. After the review, we get to the main keys of Stage 6, the last ones in the top row, q and p. To use q, the pinky of your left hand needs to extend upwards, shifting from a to q.

Similarly, the pinky of your right hand extends from the semi colon to the p key. This stage, being the end of Level 2, assigns all the fingers that rest upon the home row, to extend to their respective keys when needed to