Typing Games For Kids

Typing Games For Kids

Typing games for kids encourage typing skills by using fun, mission, and accomplishment-based activities to foster knowledge growth, and to associate typing with positive reinforcement through call and response type prompts. By utilizing common themes that kids love, such as fantasy, car racing, and space, and combining them with the typing lessons they have already learned, these kids typing games can reaffirm typing skills by providing different methods of practicing their skills.
Explore this page to take a look at the several such kids typing games, each relying on the same lessons, but different concepts, and allowing scalable, selectable complexity and difficulty settings, along with a final score and a high score allowing comparison and growth.

How typing games can help kids advance their skills?

Kids will be able to delve deeper into the art of typing and learn how to coordinate their hand-eye aspect. Moreover they will learn vocabulary and spelling words so that they can improve their skill-level at a young age. With great accuracy and speed, kids will be able to secure better opportunities in the future.

How will these kidztyping games engage kids?

We believe that in order to master the advanced keyboarding skills, kids need to follow easy-to-remember and fun methods, and that is what our typing games are all about. We understand the intricacies of learning the entire keyboard, so our kids typing games are designed in a way that supercharges the whole learning experience. Various kidztyping games are introduced that focus on many different learning aspects such as letters, home row, upper row, numbers, words, sentences, and more.

Are these typing games suitable for my kids?

Absolutely! These typing games are designed for kids of any age. We understand the importance of keyboarding, and infusing this one-of-a-kind skill into kids from a young age will make them effective keyboarders.


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