Dance Mat Typing Level 3

Dance Mat Typing Level 3 - Stage 7
Keys: v and m.
After covering the home row in Level 1 and the top row in Level 2, Level 3 progresses to the bottom row, but does not touch all of them as yet. It covers six letters of the bottom row, starting with c then going on to v, b, n, m, and the comma, which is very widely used while typing. Stage 7 of Dance Mat Typing focuses on two letters of the bottom row, which are v and m. But first, the previous rows and keys need to be practiced to really get the players good at typing full hand. After reviewing all the stages of Level 1 and Level 2, we get to the keys of Stage 7. The letters’ position on the keyboard determines your hands, so the right hand presses m and the left pressed v. Once you have understood this, you place your hands on the home row like usual, and use the pointer fingers to use the v and m keys. The pointer fingers of both hands now use multiple letters. Your left hand uses it for f, g, r, t, and now also v, which is just below the f key. Similarly, use the other pointer finger to operate the j, h, u, y, and the m key. Stage 7’s gong status bar shows your progress as you get used to the new keys.

Dance Mat Typing Level 3 - Stage 8
Keys: b and n.
In Stage 7, we learned about two new keys in the bottom row, v and m so now in Stage 8 of Dance Mat Typing, we get to two more keys of the bottom row, the b and the n keys, which lie just between v and m. This stage’s game illustration takes us through a review of all that we learned in the past 7 keys, starting from getting used to the home row all the way down to understanding how to use the v and m keys in Stage 7. By this time, the game’s steady tests and practice will have made you quite used to the home row and possibly even the top row. The new letters, b and n, like v and m are also operated using your pointer fingers. So now your pointer fingers are used to press a total of 6 letters each. The left pointer hits f, g, r, t, v, and now b, too. Your right hand hits j, h, u, y, m, and now n, too. Keep practicing these in Stage 8, checking the status bar to see your progress.

Dance Mat Typing Level 3 - Stage 9
Keys: c and the comma key.
Stage 9 tackles two new keys on the bottom row, one of which is the letter c and the other is the commonly used punctuation mark, the comma. In the past two stages, we learned how to type v, b, n, and m using our pointers and in this, we take a review of typing those keys as well as still perfecting our home row keys and the top row keys that we learned in the past levels and its stages. After reviews, you get to learning about the new keys. The c key is used by your middle finger of your left hand that rests upon d in the home row. So now your left hand’s middle finger uses d, e, and c. Likewise, the comma key is used by the middle finger of your right hand, so it uses three keys too, which are k, i, and the comma. This Stage’s two new covers cover almost all the keys of the bottom row, but the remaining continue in Stage 10 of Level 4.