Dance Mat Typing Level 2

Dance Mat Typing Level 2 - Stage 4
Keys: t and y.
Dance Mat Typing Level 2 focuses on the row above the home row, i.e. the upper row on your keyboard. It consists of the letters q, w, e, r, t, y, u, i, o, and p. However, from amongst these, we have already covered the keys e, r, u, and i, in Level 1. So, the remaining keys are focused on in this level, beginning with Stage 4 that covers the keys t and y.
Like previously, Stage 4 takes start with reviews of the stages of the past level. Users first go through their test of home row, then get to using e and i keys as well as the r and u keys that were in Stages 2 and 3 respectively. It is necessary to be a little fluent with using the e, r, u, and i keys as they are in the top row. Then comes the t and y keys that are the main course of Dance Mat Typing, Stage 4. The t rests on the left side of the keyboard the left hand operates t and the right operate y. The t key is pressed using the pointer finger, so it uses f, g r, and t keys. Similarly, the right hand’s pointer finger operates j, h, u, and y keys. The score and progress in Stage 4 uses fruits to help you see how far you have gotten.

Dance Mat Typing Level 2 - Stage 5
Keys: w and o.
After you have learned how to use the home row keys and many from the top row, it is time to get perfect at the top row by getting used to the remaining four keys. In this stage of Dance Mat Typing, we take two from the remaining four, which are w and o. The game warms up with a very brief review of the home row letters and then a good review about the previous Stage 4’s keys, t and y. It is essential to remember how to use these past keys in order to get ahead in Dance Mat Typing. After you have gone through the reviews, the main keys of w and o are focused on in this Stage. The w key is used by your left hand and the o key is used by your right. Similar to why we used our middle fingers for e and i, for w and o we use our ring fingers that are resting upon s and l respectively. To get the flow of using your ring fingers, check your “crushed can” progress in the bar below.

Dance Mat Typing Level 2 - Stage 6
Keys: q and p.
After most of the main keys from the top row are understood in Dance Mat Typing, it is time to finish off the row completely by learning how to use the last two remaining keys on the row, q and p. The Stage 6 platform takes you through the regular home row key review, then focuses on what the last two stages taught, i.e. the t, y, w, and o keys. After the review, we get to the main keys of Stage 6, the last ones in the top row, q and p. To use q, the pinky of your left hand needs to extend upwards, shifting from a to q. Similarly, the pinky of your right hand extends from the semi colon to the p key. This stage, being the end of Level 2, assigns all the fingers that rest upon the home row, to extend to their respective keys when needed to.