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Turning Your Kid Into A Touch Typing Genius The FUN Way!


Welcome To Kidztype!


As technology has taken over every field of activity for kids and adults, fast, correct and efficient typing is now becoming imperative.

From our refreshing gaming to the preparation of compliment-drawing office projects or class assignments that skyrocket our performance, typing is the key.

And we are turning the necessity for effective typing into a most enjoyable task, through Dance Mat Typing, a complete set of the most enjoyable touch typing tutorials for your little angels!


KidzType Mission


We provide you with a step-to-step, funny and enjoyable touch typing tool that will turn your kid into a pro typist!

Easy to follow touch typing tutorials are offered in the form of interactive games, to attract the kid’s interest and boost their efforts through different Levels of learning.

Our sole mission is to help kids learn how to touch type efficiently, so that they gain a valuable qualification for their studies and work career.

Our specially designed tutorials make the ultimate thoughtful gift for your little angel or your loved pupils.


Why Learn Touch Typing?


By using the keyboard without looking at the keys you save time, as you end up typing up to TWICE the number of words you would if you used you eyes!

Touch typing is an essential requirement in the fiercely competitive job market, which will help you get ahead of the pack!

Introducing your kid into the touch typing secrets at an early age you offer them a precious qualification for their future studies and career!

Touch typing forces the body to stand upright, aligns the spinal cord, prevents slouching and the countless health issues this causes!

Little gamers rave for record performances and touch typing will turbocharge their gaming skills!


And The Most Important Benefit?


Because your little angels will be thankful for this valuable gift, which will allow them to be more competitive in their college and work environment!

Kids play and learn, through tutorials designed especially for little users, to attract their attention, trigger their curiosity and boost their typing skills in a fun, pleasant, most productive way.


Why Choose Kidztype?


For one and simple reason: We know kids have a short attention span and wouldn’t be bothered for tiring, boring or too long typing tutorials.

So, we made our touch typing tutorials easy, light-hearted and funny, in the adorable INTERACTIVE GAMES type, to boost their interest and lead them all the way to the final lesson with success!


Touch Typing Perfection Easy Like 1-2-3!


12 stages will take your young son, daughter or loved pupils from A to Z in efficient touch typing:

Starting from Dance Mat Typing Level 1 all the way through Level 4, your kid will learn hand position on the keyboard, how to shift fingers to reach all letters and will walk their way to coordinating both hands in order to produce their own touch-typed masterpieces!

Everything your kid needs start touch typing like a pro!


Thanks For Choosing Us!