Ways to Choose the Right Game of Typing

There are numerous sites which offer the game of typing for kids and it is a little hectic job to find the one which is the best game which suits your kids. In the world today there are many parents who introduce the various software’s which are related to the education purpose but there are still a couple of parents who do not have much awareness as to the various benefits which are accustomed to the benefits of these software’s. They are not sure how their kids will be benefited through these online software.

Different Stages of Dance Mat Typing
Different Stages of Dance Mat Typing

Level in the Course:

The whole course is been divided into four levels and these levels are divided into three stages each. In these stages you will be able to learn the fingering for all the keys. Let us briefly know about the fingering of each key according to its stages. After the completion of each stage you pass on to the next one. When you are in the beginning of the stage you will have the recap of the stages which you have crossed previously.

Stage 1:

The first stage is based on the keys in the home row. The fingering for this is

The pointer fingers keys the letters g, f, h, j

The middle finger keys k, d

The ring finger keys s, l

The little finger keys ; , a

Stage 2:

In this stage you learn two vowels letter e and i

The middle finger keys – e, i

Stage 3:

The third stages introduces you to the two new letters namely the r and u

The pointing fingers key the letters r and u

Level 2:

In this level you have a quick revision of the previous levels then you are introduced to letters of the new level.

Stage 4:

The letters which is taught in this stage is t and y

The pointing finger is used to key the letters t and y

Stage 5

This level concentrates on the completion of the keys in the top row so in this level we learn the letters w and o.
Both the letters w and o is dealt with the ring finger of both the hands.

Stage 6:

After completing almost all the keys which are present in the top row, the left out keys are the letters q and p
The little finger is used to key the letters q and p

Level 3:

In this level the letters which are present in the bottom row is learnt

Stage 7:

Letters v and m is been keyed using pointer fingers

Stage 8:

Letters b and n are keyed with pointer fingers

Stage 9:

C and , is keyed by middle finger

Level 4:

In this level we learn all the letters that is left out in the bottom row.

Stage 10:

In this stage we learn x, z, ‘ thepinky finger keys ‘ and z while the ring finger keys the letter x

Stage 11:

For keying .ring finger is used and for / the pinky finger is used

Stage 12:

For both the shift keys use the pinky fingers