Tips to Make Your Child As a Professional Typist

The current world is running so fast that it’s not enough for kids learn quickly ahead from their class but they can attain any kind of destination if they work with full enjoyment. Frequent usage of computer in this world never be imagine without typing skills World is running towards the wrong direction but there is no other option, each and every one must take part in the competition in order to survive in this world.

Kids can never become a mature person they are always be a kid, so the parent are requested not to create any pressure on children. Parents should teach the children from their point of view itself. After analysing all these things, BBC team has decided to entertain the kids with typing game which will be useful in their future without imposing any pressure on them.

BBC Dance Mat typing

BBC project Mat Typing game software can also be called as stress relief. BBC Mat Typing-Stage 1 is the first level of Mat Typing which attracts the kids at first sight itself. At level one, kids will learn to type the individual keys on row as well as letter basis. At parent position, they will see the complete security for kids before they enter into the game and it should not be a part of gambling game. The BBC mat typing game not only give pleasure to children but also helps them to motivate in educational sense which effect the typing skill in future usage.

Process at Stage 1 of Typing Game

The base of typing game starts with stage 1 that begins with the keys in home row. The keys which are available at the center of the keyboard are called as Home Row Keys. The alphabets which are covered at the center of the keyboards are as follows: starts with a, s, d and finish with k, l, ;( Semi colon). The keys in keyboard are arranged randomly but similar alphabet in distinct type of keyboards. So it’s necessary to learn and type fast. Home rows are arranged with respect to hand position. The left hand fingers covers with f, d and s whereas in right hand occupy j, k, l and semi colon.

Both the thumb can be used to enter space bar and g and h alphabet also covers in home row which should be stretched and entered with pointer finger of left and right hand. Here it comes at the end of training session with home row. Smash record used to track the alphabetic arrangement of home row. The BBC Mat Typing-Stage 1 will give great pleasure and give confidence once they complete this level. There are several other stages available and the kids have to practice in order to improve their typing skill and knowledge.