The various benefits of dance mat typing

In day to day life almost all over the globe, the age of technology and computer are used. Therefore, in our world that is digital, touch typing is very important and is a necessity. Many people such as business man, employees, teachers, students, scientists, are all using computers daily. Everything including communication is started to revolve over the computer system. This is one of the main reasons why touch typing has become a necessity for everyone. This in turn allows you to type faster, easier and without much effort.

Level 1

In level 1 there are three stages and each stage teaches how to operate a new key.

Stage 1:

This states the starting lesson for students. With the help of fingering you will be aware of how to type on the keyboard correctly. In the first stage you will learn about the home row “asdfghjkl;” keep the right and left hands index finger on ‘f’ and ‘j’ respectively. You will know the right position if you leave all the other fingers conveniently on the keyboard. The next button which is to be learnt is space button which is typed with either of your thumbs. There are two other letters in the row ‘g,h’, ‘”g” is part of the left hand control and “h” is in the control of right hand. The letters “g,h” should be typed using the index finger.

Stage 2:

The second stage teaches you to be clear how to use the two vowels efficiently, e and i. in the beginning it starts with the review of the home row and then slowly teaches the user as how to hit the letters e and I, without take the hands from the home row. The e key is hit by the left hand while the I key is operated by the right. Just like the first stage this stage also takes the user to various steps such as easy, hard and medium, which is helpful in getting used to the letters in this stage. The lines which are typed by you and the letter progress will be mentioned in the task bar.

Stage 3:

The need of stage 3 is to teach you how to type the letters r and u. at the end of the stage the user can understand how to have a control on the home key, the letters e, I, r and u.

Benefits of typing:

Touch typing gives benefits to health. It makes the typist to maintain the spine straight, easy wrist and the posture overall keeps you easy and relaxed. This in turn reduces the problems of health caused due to the hunch over the keyboard for a long duration. In todays world all of them use the computer for their needs, so all sort of people with any occupation and age can enjoy a benefit from playing games of typing. It is neither too late nor too early to learn how to do touch typing. This is one of the many skills which will always benefit you.