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How to Learn Touch Typing Quickly?

Many people find it difficult to type the letters in a key board due to lack of skills. This will lead to problems while searching jobs in various sectors. Touch typing to be a mandatory one for children to improve their potentials. It involves typing the letters quickly without seeing a key board. At the same time, one needs to practice it properly to excel in a particular field. A lot of software products are available for increasing the capabilities of a child in touch typing. BBC mat typing serves as an interactive game for children to learn lessons with exciting features such as animations and cartoon characters. The game also enables to practice typing without any difficulties.


How to Learn Touch Typing Fast
How to Learn Touch Typing Fast

Nowadays, online games attract children as they come with latest applications. On the other hand, most parents feel that online games might affect them mentally as they spend more time. Dance mat touch typing game helps to use the time usefully while learning lessons and teaches a child on how to move the letters in a keyboard. It is an interesting and exciting one to play and allows users to develop their abilities within short span of time. Furthermore, the 4 levels in this game teach on touch typing starting from basic levels and involve 12 stages. A child will be able to achieve progress step by step with this game by meeting exact needs. It is possible to type 45 to 60 words per minute after practicing all the lessons.

BBC dance mat typing can be downloaded from the internet by following simple steps. This game is a suitable one for a child to become an expert in touch typing. In addition to that, it gives ways for increasing the speeds and accuracy levels when creating words. Children are largely benefited by dance mat touch typing as it provides methods for accomplishing goals in life. Each stage helps to learn typing easily by moving the fingers correctly. The game is primarily designed for reducing the addiction problems of children and making typing an exciting one. Videos are also available for beginners to practice touch typing in a proper manner. Furthermore, a child will be able to minimize his or her mistakes with this game.

The 12 stages in this game are extremely useful for children to understand and practice typing quickly. Complete details about the software can be gathered from online before downloading it. Another feature is that it paves ways for focusing on the key board with high concentration levels. Children will be able to practice their lessons without the support of a tutor with this game by meeting all requirements. With BBC mat typing, a child can estimate his or her skills to maintain accuracy levels. This game is said to be best one for spending the time usefully. Each stage contains instructions on how to move the letters in a keyboard which will enable children to gain major benefits. Apart from that, it also helps to make more number of words per minute.

Features of BBC Mat Typing – Stage 11 of Level 4

With increased use of internets and computers, don’t you ever think it is mandate to learn touch typing? If you feel just like us, try BBC Mat Typing – Stage 11 games that are available online with different stages. Every stage focuses on different keys and practices. After completing all the stages, you would master keys in keyboard and it’s sure that you can type faster than any others. The animated background attracts people of all ages, especially children. ‘Learn while you play’ is the basic concept of this game.

Find below what is so attractive about Level 4 and stage 11 of Mat typing game:

  • Under this stage 11 of level 4, you would be learning two keys such as “/” and “.”. So far, you are introduced with alphabetical letters until z from three rows. However, Language is not just with letters. Punctuation makes it interesting and complete to make good sense. Therefore, this stage of level 4 focuses on punctuations.
  • Which finger should go for these punctuation marks on keyboard is very important to type faster. This has been well illustrated in the demo. For instance, using ring finger of your left hand you can hit full stop. Similarly, using your right hand’s pinky finger you can hit slash comfortably.
  • Green coloured animated snake is the one that instructs the class. The way it interacts with people is awesome.
  • After instructions from the snake, you are allowed to have a practice session with series of letters to be typed, which is displayed on top of the screen.
  • In the animation, demo on how to keep hands over keyboard is well portrayed. Touch typing always support good health of spine and wrist bones, when it’s done properly. Otherwise, some people get pains in regular intervals.

What will you get if you learn touch typing?

  • Ability to type faster without looking at the keys.
  • Attain uniqueness among people with unusual typing skills.
  • When learnt properly, you would acquire the ability to type at least 65 words for every minute with so ease.
  • As touch typing skill is always been honoured irrespective of any profession.

Learn typing using BBC mat typing

In the present days a candidate need not go to a typing institute to learn typing under the instructor’s guidance. The logic is that the technologies are advanced to a great extent that a candidate can learn typing with the help of BBC dance mat typing with an approach that is easy and there are numerous stages which is taught in a manner that is interesting. The things which are required to study touch typing by using dance mat typing are the internet and computer. Just go through a website that is relevant and go to the features of the game that is interactive, which helps the learners who are new to learn typing with full of entertainment and fun.
Now let us discuss about what is learnt in the first stage, the keys which are used in stage 1 are “fdsajklgandh”. the letters above are in the home row of the keyboard; it is positioned in the center of the keyboard. Asd is keyed with the fingers of the left hand and kl; are keyed with the right. The order of the letters is in such a way that the fingers are positioned properly to be keyed.
Expert in typing skills:
For giving space between the letters the users have to key the space bar when it is required. To type the h and g letters the typers are advised to use the pointer fingers. There should be a movement in the fingers to move from f to g and j to h. once a letter is completed with the home row then he can move to the row that is in the top. The improvement and progress in typing related to the first stage can be known through a record bar that is smashed at the bottom of the screen. Thus with the help of touch typing one can be a typing skill expert in a short span of time.
What you can get by learning touch typing:

  • You will be able to type faster even without looking at the keys
  • Attain uniqueness among a group of people who are equipped with typing skills that are unusual
  • When you learn typing properly, you will be able to type a minimum of 65 words for every minute easily.
  • Irrespective of any qualification or profession the touch typing skills are always honored.

What is attractive about the typing game?
The typing does not stop with the letters it also includes punctuations, to type faster the finger used for the punctuation should be known clearly. The class is instructed through the animated snake which is green in colour. The way in which it interacts with people is superb. After the instructions given by the snake, you are given a session to practice with series of letters which are to be typed, as the letters are displayed on the top of the window.
In the animation mode, the demo on how the hand should be kept on the keyboard is well established. The touch typing always give a good support to the wrist bones, health to spine when it is done in the proper manner. If not done properly people get pains in intervals regularly.

Best Ever Kids Typing Games Absolutely Free To Play

Typing is an essential skill in these days and especially in this modern computer world parents are started to turn their kid to learn typing. To enhance and improve the skill in typing for kids there are lot of ways to teach kids, but are something special with their intelligence so need to choose attractive games to learn the process of typing without hassle. Unlike past, days are more advanced with internet technology and uncounted number of games is available online for fun and entertaining children with numerous ways. Most of the parents prefer to choose this excellent way of making their kids to develop in various activities with fun of learning online, and one among the gaining popular choice for typing games is dance mat typing games. Still if you are not sure how to train your kids typing skill, then dance mat typing games is good way to expose your kid’s skill in typing.

The gaining popular choice for typing games

There is good number of typing games available on internet but choosing the best is more important, when you think to educate your kids typing with excellent source of information then dance mat typing games will enhance their skill in typing from the beginning stage. This is a game where kids can find on internet for free cost and easily they can start to type with fun and interactive ways through music, dance which are embedded in the program. Definitely kids are more beneficial with this program and they would like to go more levels in these games, and one among the brilliant level is BBC Mat Typing – Stage 5, here kids able to start learning to type with different set of letters in the keyboard with more practicing according to the dance.

If you think still you kid is not much aware of typing skill, then this game is absolutely perfect choice to enable your kid’s skill to type without having look and the keyboard. This is quite amazing and entertaining your kids typing skill with more accuracy and faster without any difficult training programs. Moreover kids can enjoy the way of learning with music, and definitely this will assist them for future studies in their career by providing more flexibility in typing skills. BBC Mat typing game can be accessed easily online and you can download it from the internet if you choose to play for offline version; however this game is good to practice your kids typing skill from the earlier stage with advanced techniques.