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Features of BBC Mat Typing – Stage 11 of Level 4

With increased use of internets and computers, don’t you ever think it is mandate to learn touch typing? If you feel just like us, try BBC Mat Typing – Stage 11 games that are available online with different stages. Every stage focuses on different keys and practices. After completing all the stages, you would master keys in keyboard and it’s sure that you can type faster than any others. The animated background attracts people of all ages, especially children. ‘Learn while you play’ is the basic concept of this game.

Find below what is so attractive about Level 4 and stage 11 of Mat typing game:

  • Under this stage 11 of level 4, you would be learning two keys such as “/” and “.”. So far, you are introduced with alphabetical letters until z from three rows. However, Language is not just with letters. Punctuation makes it interesting and complete to make good sense. Therefore, this stage of level 4 focuses on punctuations.
  • Which finger should go for these punctuation marks on keyboard is very important to type faster. This has been well illustrated in the demo. For instance, using ring finger of your left hand you can hit full stop. Similarly, using your right hand’s pinky finger you can hit slash comfortably.
  • Green coloured animated snake is the one that instructs the class. The way it interacts with people is awesome.
  • After instructions from the snake, you are allowed to have a practice session with series of letters to be typed, which is displayed on top of the screen.
  • In the animation, demo on how to keep hands over keyboard is well portrayed. Touch typing always support good health of spine and wrist bones, when it’s done properly. Otherwise, some people get pains in regular intervals.

What will you get if you learn touch typing?

  • Ability to type faster without looking at the keys.
  • Attain uniqueness among people with unusual typing skills.
  • When learnt properly, you would acquire the ability to type at least 65 words for every minute with so ease.
  • As touch typing skill is always been honoured irrespective of any profession.

Make Your Kids Learn Typing With Anime Concepts

Today’s kids have so much to learn from their academics and on that note, every means of learning has become in the formats of computers. So, it is important for them to learn some typing so that they can operate with the keyboards much easily. Teaching them keyboards from your own computers can be little difficult because the lacking of interesting features may make them feel bored. This is the reason why should have something that makes them stick to their seats and patients as well as interestingly learn the typing skills.

  • And the best option for doing this is going about with the online websites that provide free stages for kids to learn typing in a short time.
  • It is a procedural typing process and so your kids will learn to use the keyboard in the right way.
  • Though it is too early for your kids to learn typing but still the method as well as the practice is sure to give your lovable kids a good rhythm while typing.
  • The step by step teaching plan is designed using anime themes and so you will have more of cartoon features and impressive sound effects to make you kids listen to the listens in the best way.

The BBC Mat Typing -Stage 11 is the 11th stage of the typing lessons and this stage has lessons about the alphabets in the second row of the keyboard. Hence, the lessons are framed accordingly to help the kid learn the fingering and the quick movements of fingers over the alphabets in the second row.
There are initially stages where they concentrate on typing just the alphabets and then they go about typing small letters may a three, four or five letter word. Going about with further lessons and stages, you will find short sentences coming into play and this is the time when your kids will find the ease in typing at a faster pace. Go in for these amazing typing stages to make your kids well verse in keyboard typing and this is sure to enhance their academic performances.