Letters LearnDuring Stage 3

People who learn touch typing really finds the learning an interesting one when they move from one level to another level. The reasons for such enthusiasm are that one’s curiosity increases when they learn one after another the various alphabets. Whatever the letters in the home row which is placed at the centre of the keyboard is the starting point of the learning that is the first stage. After the second stage when the learners move to the third stage they are taught to type the r and u letters wherein one uses the finger placed on f that is the left hand and the right hand finger is used to type u which is placed on j along with practising the vowels e and i. So before Dance Mat Typing level 1 Stage 3 is reached one is required to practice the letters in the home row and the vowels e and i. The bar at the bottom of the dance mat displays eggs which enable the learners to assess their improvement features of learning the various stages and thus one can keep a track of their development in typing skills.

Learners find the procedure almost the same with an exception that one uses the various relevant fingers so that they type the letters properly. For instance in stage one learner uses their pointer fingers for typing g and h. What the learners infer is that right pointer finger is used for typing f, g and r and left pointer finger is used for typing j, h and u. When one goes on practising the pointer fingers for the above mentioned letters one’s proficiency also increases. With practice one acquires perfection and one finds it easy to move both the hands in a faster manner. Thus speed of typing also accordingly increases. Dance Mat Typing with the interactive game features helps the learners to learn touch typing in a step by step process. The animated colourful cartoon features makes the learning of touch typing more interesting with fun and entertainment. Learners do not find the above method of learning a boredom which one finds in learning typing from the Institutes.