How to Play Each Level Of BBC Dance Typing Stages?

Dance Mat Typing Games is a teaching game that makes you to have a fun time while playing the game, touch typing. One could able to find four levels in these games and which is then further divided into 3 stages. The first stage is consists of playing with the home row keys. These home keys are first thought to them at the first level of the game. While your kid goes no to the next stages he or she would experience in having a lesson on the previous stages.

BBC Dance Mat typing

The introduction of new letters to your kids would help them to improve his or her hidden talent. Even the concepts of fun rewards are also made to your kids in a way to improve their skill, talent and also to speed up their typing. The level 1 starts up with the home row keys, as it consists of 3 stages. Stage one contains the keys like f, d, s, a, j, k, l, g and h. stage 2 contains e and I and stage 3 consists of r and u letter keys.

On completing this level your kid can move on to the next level by clicking the button to the next stage. The level 2 consists of six keys (above the home row keys). Those six keys are as follows t, y, p, q, o and w. stage 5 consists of w and o. stage 4 consists of t and y, stage 6 consists of p and q. on completing these stages play on to the 2nd level by clicking on to the next level button.  The next level on this touch and typing game is level 3. Those keys are like v, c, n, b, m and it also consist of comma.

Stage 7 consist of v and m keys, stage 9 include c key and stage 8 contains n and b. play on the next level of 4 with the letters x and z. stage 12 contains the shift keys that is your kid can make how to type in capital keys and stage 11 contains / key. Stage 10 key consists f the letter x and z.