Enhancing Features Of Digital Technology

Modern age almost deals with use of computers for their various activities. Especially the digital world requires all the individuals to acquire the skills of touch typing. Touch typing can be easily learnt without attending any Institutes as one can look for the relevant website that offers information related to BBC Mat Typing –Stage 4. Learners who have almost become thorough with the previous stages can move forward to stage 4.In stage four learners are made to learn about the keystrokes in the upper row of the key board which is situated above the home row. Now let us find out about the letters that one types in the upper row. Letters like q, w, e, r, t, y, u, I, o and p. Since letters like e, r, u and I have already been covered in Level 1, learners are required to pay their attention on the other letters along with t and y. Learners are always advised to test their skills related to the previous lessons before moving forward to the new lessons.

Thus the learning tutorials are much prepared in such a manner that makes learners to learn the touch typing without making more hard efforts. Assessment of previous stages helps many learners to be more fluent in their skills of typing along with less commitment of errors in typing. Stage 4 mainly focuses on letters t and y wherein one operates the letter t with the help of the left hand and y gets operated with the right hand finger. Pointer fingers which are used for typing f, g and r are used for typing t also. In the same manner right hand pointer finger is used for typing y which has also been used to type j, h and u in the previous stages. Display of the fruits symbol enables one to find out their scores and make an assessment related to their improvement features related to typing. Hence with dance mat typing learners not only enjoy the game that comes with colorful cartoons but also one learns touch typing from the comfort of their homes. One finds the learning an interesting feature due to the interactive and communicative aspects of the game.