Dance Mat Typing stage 10

Keys to be learnt: x, z, and ‘

The 10th stage of the dance mat typing focuses on the letters that are remaining in the bottom row that is the row beneath the home row. The letters which are focused are z, x, and also the ‘ (known as the apostrophe). With this stage the learning of how to type all the letters and the fingering is also known thus it will be helpful to complete learning of the letters right from the alphabets a to z except these two letters x and z.


Since all the letters are covered already and only the two letters are learnt now you will have to review the letters and in this stage this is a necessity for you to make sure about the typing and provides confidence to you to learn typing the other things in the key board as you have completed the main fingerings in the key board.

Understand and Proceed:

After you are sure that you have understood all the letters in the level 1 and level 2 then you can proceed to the letters in the bottom line. You should also be sure of the other letters in the bottom row so that it will be easier to grasp these two letter x and z.

Learning of the two letters along with the ‘ key:

Dance Mat Typing Level 4 – Stage 10 concentrates on two letters x and z along with the ‘ key
To type the letter z we have to use the finger on the left hand which is used to key the letter a on the home row that is the pinky. The pinky finger of your left hand presses the three letters which are a, q and z.

To key the letter x we have to use the finger which lies on the letter s which is present above the letter x. That is the ring finger which is present on the left hand side is used to type the letter x. The left hand ring finger is also used to type letters s, w, x. for the apostrophe the dance typing game teaches you how you will have to use your pinky finger in the right hand. The pinky finger in the right hand is now used to hit three keys namely the key p, the semi colon and the ‘ key. In this stage the progress can be viewed with the help of smashed plates which are present in the bottom of the game;

As the whole set of alphabets now let us review the fingers individually and know the key which they are pinged. In this article we will see about the usage of fingers of left hand

Left hand fingers:

Pinky finger:

The keys used are a, z, q.

Ring finger:

The ring finger types the letters s, w, x

Middle finger:

The middle finger is used to type the letters d, e, c

Pointer finger:

The keys typed are f, c, v, g, r, t


The thumb finger is used to hit the space bar.