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The various stages of typing in Dance Mat

At the start of each stage there is a session for warm-up and they provide exercise for both the right and left hands. In the process of learning, remember able cast of character will give kids both kudos and coaching. This is the reason why typing class or keyboarding will not be the same. The stages are for the position of the hand and not for accuracy.

Stage 1:

In this stage we learn about the basic of the fingering row

Stage 2:

In dance mat typing stage 2 the first step is to review the knowledge of the first lesson. In this stage the two letters which you will learn is “E” and “I”. Letter “E” is typed using the left hand middle finger and the middle finger in your right hand is used to type “I”.

Stage 3:

In this stage you will learn about the next two letters “r, u”. The letters are typed by the pointing fingers in both the hands. Letter ”r” by the left hand and letter “u” by the right hand.

Stage 4:

Before the start for the new show, we have to be confident that you have learnt level 1well. In this stage we will learn “ T and Y” letters. These letters are keyed with the pointing fingers in both the hands. For “T” use left and for “Y” use right.

Stage 5:

Here you are to learn about the letters “W and O” which is present in the top row. Use the ring finger in the left to hit the key W and use the right ring finger to hit the key O.

Step 6:

After the warming of the ring and the pointer fingers, we will move on to next. We now know about the keying of all letters in the top row except for “Q and P”. to learn fingering of these two letters will be a little difficult than the others. This is due to the usage of pinky finger. To type the two keys use the pinky fingers in the left and right.

Stage 7:

Do not have a doubt over the ability of typing, learn step by step do not rush. This step is present in level 3. The letters for this stage is “V and M”. Use the pointer fingers to key the letters in the third row. For “V” it is the left finger and for “M” it is the right one.

Stage 8:

In this step the two letters to learn is “B, N”. Including this the pointer finger in the left and right will have to control six keys.

Stage 9:

The new letter in this step is “c”. the middle finger in the left should be used to press this key.

Stage 10:

In this lesson you are to learn about “X, Z” letters. The ring finger in the left is used to press X and the right ring finger is used to press “z”.

Stage 11 and Stage 12 deals with “/” and shift keys.

Educational Games For Kids Loaded With More Fun And Excitement

What makes child even more enthusiasm in their learning, most of the parents are doing research in numerous ways to make their kids to learn without fatigue. There is wrong conception many of them assumes that internet provides tremendous options of learning for adults, but its untrue there are lot of learning games for kids, which is entirely free of cost. Internet games for kids designed and created with more innovativeness and fantabulous new technology are added to attract and incite more kids to play online. Kids typing games offers more information and amazing way to strengthen the typing skill from the young age it. For all ages of kids the dance mat typing games for kids is really impressive to learn typing with keyboard through the game online without moving out.


Learning can be fun with kids typing games

 Are you planning this summer holidays for your kids, there are lot of solutions to improve their skill the first thing you need to boost up their typing which is inevitable for today’s computer world. Here are some amazing ways to learn typing for kids online from the BBC mat typing kid’s games software.

  • The BBC mat typing games available with different levels so this could be very easy for kids to join in various levels according to their skill level
  • And sure at the end of the game the player would be minimize with his spelling errors in typing because of more practicing with keys in the keyboard
  • Generally touch typing need to look at the keyboard to type, but after practicing and constantly playing with game player becomes more familiar to type without looking keyboard.
  • There are various levels the dance mat typing level 2- stage 4 is good to keep more practice without once having looked at the keyboard.
  • These types of kids typing games are good way to boost the kids typing skill without any tutors, just through online.

In a nutshell the dance mat kids typing game is good way to expose your kids typing skill and this program is designed completely free of cost and so everyone can play online just within few click on your mouse.


Kids Mat Typing Games – Immensely Popular Choice In Game For Kids

Numerous parents know about that internet is great exposure for kids to enhance their skill in various activities. Education is very important for every kid, but in the internet age kids are more attracted with the system and they are more interested to learn through computer. After the advent of online technology, kids are very much impressive with learning through online, interactive games, which provides more fun in the method of learning. There is lot of free games available on internet for kids, but the basic thing to train your kids how to use the keyboard specifically for typing, because typing is very essential and inevitable, so kids needs to familiarize with the keyboard. This is very important skill and definitely enhances your kid’s skill on practicing with keyboard games. There is lot of free typing software program available but dance mat typing games for kids is something excellent game from the usual typing games.

Dance mat typing game for kids

Being a parent, everyone wants to make their kid more brilliant in various activities and one among them is to develop their typing skill. The dance mat typing game is free online typing game for children and this is incomparable with other choice of typing games. The BBC Dance Mat Typing Level 3- stage 9 is just good for your children skill designed with more educational sense in order to enhance their touch typing skill in the game. Now a days the world is moving very quick and fast and obviously we need to keep enough our children to go ahead with the changes. This may sounds fierce but with the increasing competition definitely we need to give good start from the early stage. Here comes the dance mat typing games which is created by the BBC, this is completely available free online and more popular typing software especially for children to improve the ability in typing with keyboard without looking it.

Dance mat typing games will allow the children to type and they enjoy the freedom to explore and so that learn the typing skill on their own without any difficult. However kids are more interested with this games, because they are learning new things while utilizing the keyboard with more fun of themes, music etc. Unlike other online games, kids are more in touch with the mouse so they have less opportunity to work with keyboard, after the advent of kids typing games they eventually enhance the children skill by typing out various words without any hassles.

Would you like to learn Dance Mat Typing?

Dance Mat Typing
Dance Mat Typing

Children’s curiosity arises when they start learning about a particular game. They want to learn the various stages of the game and become expert players in all the levels of the game. The above factor is applicable to dance mat typing level 2 also. Players who play the game of typing want to move from one level to another. Once the first level is crossed they start trying their hands on the typing level2. Now let us see what the dance mat typing level 2 is all about.

When a player becomes efficient with the home row that deals with certain specific letters then one can now focus on the level 2 that teaches one to use their fingers on the upper row on the key board. The upper row has letters namely q, w, e, r, t, y, u, I, o and p. Among such letters a player has already become efficient in typing letters like e, r, u and I which have already been covered in Level 1. In the Level 2 one learns the letters like t and y that enables one to move to the Stage 4.

Before commencing with the letters players first practice the previous stages wherein their typing skills are displayed with results displayed in the form of reviews. In order to achieve maximum fluency in typing the letters e, r, u and I in the top row one needs a lot of practice in a systematic manner along with follow up of the instructions.

Dance Mat Typing Performance

Learners who want to be efficient in typing the t and y keys should use their left hand for operation of t and the right hand for operation of y. For purposes of typing the above letters players use the pointer finger which is also used for typing f, g, r and t keys. Symbol used to ascertain the score and progress of the players is by way of fruits display which well describes how the player is capable of typing the letters in the upper row.

For purposes of moving to the next stages dance mat makes an assessment of the players’ capabilities and skills of typing with brief reviews and players who get the good reviews are instructed to move to the next level. After one gains the expertise in the operation of home row and upper row one is taught the main keys namely w and o which is a part of the Level