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Download the Interesting Typing Games For Kids

With the regular use of PCs, it can’t be imagines that a job in today’s reality is without need type of writing. It is very important to know the typing skill today. It is better to make your children to know typing at their initial age. Typing is really fun. Numerous people think that it needs one place to practice it reliably. Be that as it may, with the advancement of games that are designed to help your children to develop the skill, it has turn out to be all the more fascinating and entertaining. Also, the procedure of writing gets to be simpler with these games. One such game is dance mat typing which is designed and developed by BBC. This game is totally free and can be accessed practically. This means, your children have the capacity to practice typing at whatever point he or she needs. There is no limitation when and where your children can play this game. This is the main advantage in these types of games.

The main reason for playing dance mat is to empower your kid without taking a look at the keyboard. Writing without looking at the keypad is termed as touch writing. This is the skill that your kids have to pick up. Typing accurately with sped can save more time and productivity and make the task accomplished soon. As a parent you may want your kid to pick up the typing. It would be beneficial for them in future. Hence making them play this game will be very useful.

Spend Less Time and Learn More

Dance mat typing games is a fun and intuitive way for your children to learn touch writing. You can look for dance mat typing games download from the online websites and let your children play the game offline. It is basic for children to know typing today’s reality. The main benefits of typing dance mat game is that it is highly interactive and the entire game is made of cartoons and animation characters which makes your child more interesting to play the game. No need to spend more time. They can spend little time daily to practice these kinds of typing games. These games come in various levels.

Playing this game can reduce the spelling errors and makes them perfect in their typing skill. Without looking at the keyboard your child can type faster. This is possible with the practice of touch typing games. These games are good program for kids to pick the typing skill. Make them to learn the fun process and give them good practice to become a type master. Checkout the online reviews to find the right place to download the game at your desktop. These games are simple and easy to play and give them encouragement to learn.

Typing Games for Children with Benefit of Knowledge

Kids today like to play games at their free time. Gone are the days where children play with their friends in grounds and streets. Today’s kids are eager to play games online. Parents need to realize that these games are somehow helping them to get knowledge. But they reduce their physical activities. Games online gives them entertainment along with knowledge. These are good source of entertainment and can be easily controlled. If you are a parent who want to encourage your kid to play such kind of games them simply try out dance mat typing games that is totally free. This game motivates the life of children.

BBC Dance Mat Typing Level 2 - Stage 4

The typing games give their chance to improve their typing skill this helps them to type faster in future. Compare this type of game with the no brainer video games on the market. This free game is offered by BBC and is good for your children.
The educational game could pick up touch typing when connected in the game. This is nothing but make the children to build the skill of typing without checking keyboard set. Compared to write by using pencil and paper you child could strike the keyboards quicker when playing this game. The dance typing games for children may lead your children on the journey to being a great typist.

Very Interesting Typing Games

If you like to train your kids touch typing, consider using dance typing games. These are games offered for free in online sites. It is absolutely amazing game with various animations. This makes the children playing the game very interestingly. Checkout more details about the free game through reviews and forums. You can know more information about the game there.

Make your child a professional typist by encouraging them to play this kind of game. These games are equipped with cartoons and animations that make fun to play. Practice the typing game in order to become strong in typing. Comparing to traditional typing classes these games are easy to play and learn. Children can pick up typing skills quickly when playing this game. Make your children play online daily to avoid expense in the typing class outside. You can know their improvement by simply sitting near them. These typing games are really portable and are good source of entertainment.

When your children are in holidays make them to play games like this. This will avoid the risk of watching them regularly when they are outside to play. Encourage them to improve the skills of typing and give them a bright future. Select the best place to buy the game or download n in your desktop to play it offline. Children will surely get more knowledge and improve their typing skills with these kind games.

Practicing touch typing with games

Online today is widely used for different purposes and many people use to play different types of games for getting complete excitement. Touch typing needs more concentration levels to type the letters in a faster manner. Those who want to master his or her skills in this process must practice it with certain types of software applications to experience desired results. At the same time, it is necessary to identify a right one for accomplishing goals. BBC dance mat typing is primarily meant for children to type the letters quickly by not looking into a keyboard. It involves 4 levels and each level includes 12 stages which teach a person on how to move the letters in a keyboard frequently to increase the speeds.

Each stage involves practicing lessons with instructions that helps children to learn on their own in an easy manner. Dance mat home row is considered as a basic level which enables users to learn typing without any difficulties. It makes feasible ways for improving accuracy levels when creating the words. Another advantage is that it provides methods for achieving progress within short period of time by addressing exact needs. The BBC dance mat serves as an interactive game for learners to practice the lessons with more excitement and joy. Unique animations and cartoon characters are also covered in this game and it paves ways for utilizing online usefully to avoid addiction problems. Complete details of the game can be known from internet so download the application depending on the requirements.

Exclusive videos are available for beginners to learn touch typing in proper methods. They are suitable one for children to reach high levels in their jobs and other fields. The game brings several health benefits at the time of practicing touch typing. In addition, it gives ways for sharpening the minds of a child to a greater extent. Additionally, it helps to type 50 to 60 words per minute by minimizing the errors. Although there are different types of software products which are primarily designed for typing, BBC dance mat is said to be a best one for nurturing the abilities of a child efficiently. The game is an ideal one for learning typing interestingly with special features.

With this game, parents will be able to teach their children about typing without the support of a tutor or coaching institute. Reviews and testimonials of the game can be gathered from online for getting ideas in a right manner. The game opens the doorways for making a kid to become an expert or professional in touch typing process. Apart from that, it helps to learn typing step by step for gaining advantages. Last two stages in the game covers on the usage of special characters such as comma, semi-colon, etc. Furthermore, they give ways for passing the typing exams in reputed companies after applying for a job. Children will be able to develop their thinking and intellectual levels with BBC to attain high positions in their respective field.

How to Learn Touch Typing Quickly?

Many people find it difficult to type the letters in a key board due to lack of skills. This will lead to problems while searching jobs in various sectors. Touch typing to be a mandatory one for children to improve their potentials. It involves typing the letters quickly without seeing a key board. At the same time, one needs to practice it properly to excel in a particular field. A lot of software products are available for increasing the capabilities of a child in touch typing. BBC mat typing serves as an interactive game for children to learn lessons with exciting features such as animations and cartoon characters. The game also enables to practice typing without any difficulties.


How to Learn Touch Typing Fast
How to Learn Touch Typing Fast

Nowadays, online games attract children as they come with latest applications. On the other hand, most parents feel that online games might affect them mentally as they spend more time. Dance mat touch typing game helps to use the time usefully while learning lessons and teaches a child on how to move the letters in a keyboard. It is an interesting and exciting one to play and allows users to develop their abilities within short span of time. Furthermore, the 4 levels in this game teach on touch typing starting from basic levels and involve 12 stages. A child will be able to achieve progress step by step with this game by meeting exact needs. It is possible to type 45 to 60 words per minute after practicing all the lessons.

BBC dance mat typing can be downloaded from the internet by following simple steps. This game is a suitable one for a child to become an expert in touch typing. In addition to that, it gives ways for increasing the speeds and accuracy levels when creating words. Children are largely benefited by dance mat touch typing as it provides methods for accomplishing goals in life. Each stage helps to learn typing easily by moving the fingers correctly. The game is primarily designed for reducing the addiction problems of children and making typing an exciting one. Videos are also available for beginners to practice touch typing in a proper manner. Furthermore, a child will be able to minimize his or her mistakes with this game.

The 12 stages in this game are extremely useful for children to understand and practice typing quickly. Complete details about the software can be gathered from online before downloading it. Another feature is that it paves ways for focusing on the key board with high concentration levels. Children will be able to practice their lessons without the support of a tutor with this game by meeting all requirements. With BBC mat typing, a child can estimate his or her skills to maintain accuracy levels. This game is said to be best one for spending the time usefully. Each stage contains instructions on how to move the letters in a keyboard which will enable children to gain major benefits. Apart from that, it also helps to make more number of words per minute.

Learn Dance Mat Touch Typing

In the scenario of the current days the kids often prefer to play games either in the system or in the mobile this creates a serious issue which the kids get into without much knowledge about it. The issues may be such as gambling. The kids end up with the problems to the health and mind when they sit down in front of the systems for a duration that is very long. In fact there are various games which are gaining popularity as it is designed to teach something extra to the kid by the experts. With the help of the games and stuffs kids will be able to entertain themselves and in the side they also earn knowledge about the things which they are not much aware. One among the various games is the touch typing.


Learn Dance Mat Typing
Learn Dance Mat Typing

Learn Touch Typing Game:

With the use of Dance Mat touch typing kids learn a skill that is additional and important in the current days. This typing is a one which is much suitable for the kids to quickly learn typing and obtain an additional step in the peer group. The software’s like this are used to nourish the typing skill and establish the kids with the improvement in the level of confidence. This touch typing helps the kid to improve the vocabulary since they create new words every time with a rapid speed, it also creates the ways that is feasible to improve the users progress levels. A kid will be able to key the word with correct letters in an increased speed.

Dance mat typing:

With the help of touch typing by the dance mat the kids will have the level of efficiency that is increasing this in turn helps to minimise the occurrence of errors at the time you type the letters. This software helps users to begin the skill of typing from the level that is basic to the one that leads to an expert by mastering the skill accurately without any instructor’s supervision. This game consists of 4 levels and there are 3 stages which are covered under each level. The game is filled with animations and the characters of cartoons that are excellent thus it helps the kids to learn in a manner that is enjoying and enthusiastic. To attain the goals each stage has been framed to test the movement of fingers of the kids. The skill of typing can be practiced at the time which you are comfortable even without a net connection if you download the game in your system. After the completion of every stage the users of the software will be able to check their improvement in the process of typing. In each and every stage you begin you will be provided with the guidelines to be used in the time of playing the game.


Each and every time you enter a new stage then you will be provided with the recap of all the stages in a combination so that you will be able to refresh the fingering for the keys which you have learnt before.

Teach Your Kids How to Type Fast Using Games

In the scenario of the current days the competition which is prevailing in the present between the kids is on a raise. The number of parent’s who have been providing the best exposure to the kids in various numbers of ways is rapidly increasing. By putting an effort that is maximum by the parents and one of the most important activities which they concentrate on is typing. Since the computers are gaining more importance and revolving as a main element in all the fields. In the present world a vital role is been played by the technology. It is the duty and responsibility of each parent to provide exposure to the perfect typing without any errors and to type fast.

Dance Mat Typing
Dance Mat Typing

Skills of Typing:

We have to use some technique or the other to encourage the skill of typing of our kids; the technique which you choose should be a one that is interesting for the kid to train themselves in typing that is excellent and entertaining. There are a lot of methods which are available in the online to improve the skills of typing. One among the various is the advent of games relating to typing for kids. The main focus of the typing games in online is to give entertainment to the kids. These games also help the kids to learn without errors of any sort and to do the typing fast.

Advantages of learning typing in keyboard through online:

  • If you are looking down for the game to provide kid’s that is the best to entertain the skill of typing for kids then you can have a try on BBC Dance Mat Typing. If you are a person who hold a typing skill in the intermediate level then this mat typing is the best.
  • The children learn new concepts by themselves with the internet development very faster without obtaining help or guidance from their teachers or parents. They learn the new things by browsing through the internet.
  • There are numerous games of typing which are typically based on the concept of improving the skills of typing. There are games and methods which are specially designed for the kids. If you are in a plan to introduce the basic or intermediate game on typing for your child to improve their skill of typing, you need not get panic as to where and how to have a start. There are various opportunities and few companies offer the benefit of playing the game even without any sort of software downloads. The requirement to play these games is only the connection of internet.
  • In the current days you have various features which are attached to the software which is been used for the kids to enhance their skill of typing. The few features which are interesting and attractive is inclusive of graphics that are special, sound, and the pictures which are present in these games are of a quality which is the best.

Dance Mat Typing stage 10

Keys to be learnt: x, z, and ‘

The 10th stage of the dance mat typing focuses on the letters that are remaining in the bottom row that is the row beneath the home row. The letters which are focused are z, x, and also the ‘ (known as the apostrophe). With this stage the learning of how to type all the letters and the fingering is also known thus it will be helpful to complete learning of the letters right from the alphabets a to z except these two letters x and z.


Since all the letters are covered already and only the two letters are learnt now you will have to review the letters and in this stage this is a necessity for you to make sure about the typing and provides confidence to you to learn typing the other things in the key board as you have completed the main fingerings in the key board.

Understand and Proceed:

After you are sure that you have understood all the letters in the level 1 and level 2 then you can proceed to the letters in the bottom line. You should also be sure of the other letters in the bottom row so that it will be easier to grasp these two letter x and z.

Learning of the two letters along with the ‘ key:

Dance Mat Typing Level 4 – Stage 10 concentrates on two letters x and z along with the ‘ key
To type the letter z we have to use the finger on the left hand which is used to key the letter a on the home row that is the pinky. The pinky finger of your left hand presses the three letters which are a, q and z.

To key the letter x we have to use the finger which lies on the letter s which is present above the letter x. That is the ring finger which is present on the left hand side is used to type the letter x. The left hand ring finger is also used to type letters s, w, x. for the apostrophe the dance typing game teaches you how you will have to use your pinky finger in the right hand. The pinky finger in the right hand is now used to hit three keys namely the key p, the semi colon and the ‘ key. In this stage the progress can be viewed with the help of smashed plates which are present in the bottom of the game;

As the whole set of alphabets now let us review the fingers individually and know the key which they are pinged. In this article we will see about the usage of fingers of left hand

Left hand fingers:

Pinky finger:

The keys used are a, z, q.

Ring finger:

The ring finger types the letters s, w, x

Middle finger:

The middle finger is used to type the letters d, e, c

Pointer finger:

The keys typed are f, c, v, g, r, t


The thumb finger is used to hit the space bar.

How to select a typing game which is of good quality

There are a n number of websites which provides various kinds of typing game for kids, and it is really a tedious task to find the one that is the best from the n number of websites which provide choices of games. In today’s world the majority of the parents are familiar with the software for the purpose of education but still there are few parents who have various doubts as to how these software’s beneficial for their children in terms of improving their knowledge.

Tool for learning:

To tell the truth the software’s which are based on education is not the one and only tool which is available for learning but at the same time these software’s provide them knowledge about various things. The dance mat typing is been introduced by the BBC in order to give enjoyment in the learning process of kids, it is available in the internet. This is one of the good ways to assist your child to learn typing with the help of software and encourage their skill of typing with the use of the typing games which are available online for free; you can play that even without downloading.

Typing games available for kids:

In the present times parents are more eager to spend their time with their kids but they are forced to spend more time with their work so the most important point to be considered is that in today’s world computer has become inevitable and essential. In the current competition which is prevailing between children, parents are concentrating more to enhance the skills of their kids by various means. At present one of the recent software which is rocking online for children is the game dance mat typing, this is a software which is freely available in the internet to play specially for kids.

Learn Typing:

The stage 11 of BBC mat typing is a wonderful start for children to study about the typing skills and this gives access for the child to learn the things that are new in typing by using a keyboard. This in turn helps them to get used with the letters, alphabets in the keyboard. This is a method they make the kid know things with the use of a game and this eventually builds the typing skill of your kid and makes them learn to type without any errors.


The mat typing game by BBC is available with the features that are interactive, and due to this the children enjoy more and gain more experience in learning the games which are for typing. This is the method in which a child learns the typing skill as a game so it creates interest within them and make it easy for them to learn or else this will be a task which is very tedious for them to learn typing. For more details check the online game and help your kids to play it for free in a way that is interactive.

The various benefits of dance mat typing

In day to day life almost all over the globe, the age of technology and computer are used. Therefore, in our world that is digital, touch typing is very important and is a necessity. Many people such as business man, employees, teachers, students, scientists, are all using computers daily. Everything including communication is started to revolve over the computer system. This is one of the main reasons why touch typing has become a necessity for everyone. This in turn allows you to type faster, easier and without much effort.

Level 1

In level 1 there are three stages and each stage teaches how to operate a new key.

Stage 1:

This states the starting lesson for students. With the help of fingering you will be aware of how to type on the keyboard correctly. In the first stage you will learn about the home row “asdfghjkl;” keep the right and left hands index finger on ‘f’ and ‘j’ respectively. You will know the right position if you leave all the other fingers conveniently on the keyboard. The next button which is to be learnt is space button which is typed with either of your thumbs. There are two other letters in the row ‘g,h’, ‘”g” is part of the left hand control and “h” is in the control of right hand. The letters “g,h” should be typed using the index finger.

Stage 2:

The second stage teaches you to be clear how to use the two vowels efficiently, e and i. in the beginning it starts with the review of the home row and then slowly teaches the user as how to hit the letters e and I, without take the hands from the home row. The e key is hit by the left hand while the I key is operated by the right. Just like the first stage this stage also takes the user to various steps such as easy, hard and medium, which is helpful in getting used to the letters in this stage. The lines which are typed by you and the letter progress will be mentioned in the task bar.

Stage 3:

The need of stage 3 is to teach you how to type the letters r and u. at the end of the stage the user can understand how to have a control on the home key, the letters e, I, r and u.

Benefits of typing:

Touch typing gives benefits to health. It makes the typist to maintain the spine straight, easy wrist and the posture overall keeps you easy and relaxed. This in turn reduces the problems of health caused due to the hunch over the keyboard for a long duration. In todays world all of them use the computer for their needs, so all sort of people with any occupation and age can enjoy a benefit from playing games of typing. It is neither too late nor too early to learn how to do touch typing. This is one of the many skills which will always benefit you.

Various Types Of Levels And Stages Available in Dance Mat Typing Game

Dance mat typing is one of the types of games for kids for typing. We can learn how to start typing through keys available in keyboard with the right fingers. There are also different set of stages to complete this game and each stage will reveal guidelines to type the keys with fingers to make expert in typing. Also, at end of each stage in this game, we can test our typing speed and accuracy as well. In the level 1 of the game, we have three stages. In stage 1, we will be typing keywords f, d, s, a, j, k, l, ;, g, and h. In stage 2, we will be typing keywords e and i. In stage 3, we will be typing keywords r an d u. In level 2, there are also three different stages. In level 2 of stage 1, we will be typing keywords t and y. In level 2 of stage 2, we will be typing keywords w and o. In level 2 of stage 3, we will be typing keywords q and p.

In level 3, it has three more stages to play and to make familiar with keyboard and typing speed. In level 3 of stage 1, we will be typing keywords v and m. In level 3 of stage 2, we will be typing keywords b and n. In level 3 of stage 3, we will be typing keyword c. Level 4 is the last level in game which will make us to familiar to use capital letters and special symbols as well. In level 4, it contains three stages. In level 4 of stage 1, we will be typing keywords x, z, ‘. In level 4 of stage 2, we will be typing keywords / and “.”. In level 4 of stage 3, we will be using shift key to type capital letters using same keys and methodologies in addition to shift key for all such entries. This type of touch typing is one of the fastest ways to write. Many people who can easily type fast through keyboard when compared to writing through pen.