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Dance Mat Typing Games Are Available Here

In today’s changing days, Computers have become the essential part of Kids educational curriculum. For Computers, learning typing is an essential and vital Skill. It helps Kids to complete their reports and assignments faster as well as on time. Without learning typing the kids cannot move their hands at the same speed as their thoughts. But, learning typing can be boring and tedious task for the kids. With advancement in technology, this task has become fun and interesting by introduction of Dance Mat Typing and Games.

Dance Mat Typing and Games are good alternative to otherwise boring software learning programs. The children can learn typing by playing these games. These games are interactive and there are funny animations and cartoon characters which add a fun element to learning. These games enable kids to learn touch typing without actually looking at computer Keyboard.Playing with these games, children can learn typing easily and have enjoyed at the same time.

Age suitable for Dance Mat Typing and Games

It is never too early for kids to learn typing these days and to train children, parents can introduce the Dance Mat Typing and Games at early stage so that they can be ahead of their peers. These games have various levels, which help kids to get accustomed to the keyboards. The most popular dance mat typing level 1 stage 1 games is non-competitive and have voices which tell them how to type correctly without seeing the keyboards again and again. Games also have concept of fun rewards which encourage the little ones to move to the next levels. There are some advanced games that can also be used by adults who want to increase speed and correctness of typing.

Where to get these Dance Mat Typing and Games?

Parents can get these games online.There are both online &offline versions available. There are some which are free, but with controlled features and functions. To enable those features and functions, one has to pay for them. The games can be downloaded according to the kid’s age and they are quite affordable. For adults, there are more refined versions available. Check various forums to find reviews on these Dance Typing Mat and Games.

Typing Games for Making a Child an Expert

In the modern world today, many children want to play online games in their home which results in gambling and other issues. Touch typing is an essential for kids to type the letters accurately without looking into a keyboard. On the other hand, it requires a regular practice to become a professional typist. BBC mat typing offers typing games for children to develop their typing abilities quickly to reach high levels in the jobs and other fields. It is considered as a best one for those who want to explore their skills without the support of a tutor. The game also covers interesting cartoons along with animations to enjoy typing in unique ways. One can be able to practice the lessons step by step to improve the speeds in a faster manner.

BBC Dance Mat Typing Level 2 - Stage 4
BBC Dance Mat Typing Level 2 – Stage 4

Another thing is that the game is a suitable one for spending the time usefully in a computer to avoid addiction problems. The 4 levels in this game involve 12 stages which helps a person to learn typing slowly to type the words with high speeds. Users will be able to check their progress levels at the end of each stage to achieve goals in life. A child is allowed to use new letters t and y in Dance Mat Typing Level 2 Stage 4 after completing 3 stages in level 1. It teaches on how to move the fingers in the keyboards at the time of typing words and letters.

Moreover, it is possible to increase the speeds to create more number of words in a proper order. The game can be downloaded from the internet easily to practice typing depending on the needs. Touch typing makes feasible ways for creating 35 to 60 words per minute and dance mat typing paves ways for getting desired outcomes within short span of time. Primary advantage of this game is that it encourages children to learn typing starting from basic to high level. Reviews and ratings of BBC dance mat type can be known from the internet to get ideas about the playing process. Beginners can follow the videos at the time of practicing the lessons to gain major advantages. Each stage is built on the previous lessons which help to estimate the abilities of children.

The game is an interesting one to learn and children will ensure their progress levels with it to get complete satisfaction. It makes feasible ways for typing different types of letters with more concentration and mind power. Furthermore, a child can master his or her knowledge when creating more number of words. Touch typing is extremely useful for children to rectify their mistakes while typing letters from the keyboard. Parents can also guide them to play the game from the internet to prevent psychological problems. BBC mat allows users to choose their level based on the choices to play the game with high confidence. It even shows ways for playing the game online anytime to type the words correctly and neatly without any errors.

Games for improving the typing skills of children

Internet games today occupy an important place among children and many parents feel that it might cause addition problems. On the other hand, there are some types of games specially designed for kids to spend time usefully. BBC dance mat typing game primarily aims in improving the typing skills in an early age to become an expert. It will definitely benefit a child to increase the speeds while typing the words. In fact, it provides methods for achieving goals in touch typing with high accuracy levels. With this game, a user can be able to create the words quickly without looking the keyboard. This interesting game further involves 4 levels and each level contains 3 stages which give ways for learning typing step by step.

bbc dance mat typing level 1
bbc dance mat typing level 1

Touch typing is an essential for excelling in jobs and other fields. However, one should practice it properly to gain major advantages. Dance Mat typing level 1 Stage 1 starts with the key a in the home row and ends with semi colon. A typist should types the letters by switching the fingers by covering the entire row. Stage 1 is considered as a basic lesson which paves ways for creating more number of words. Another advantage is that it helps to know how to utilize the fingers and type the letters initially. The game is also equipped with cartoons and animations so that it makes kids to learn typing with fun and excitement. It can be downloaded from the online freely to pick up touch typing without any difficulties.

BBC dance mat typing enables children to sharpen their mind with high concentration power to get desired results. Apart from that, it shows ways for augmenting the intellectual levels of users to gain knowledge. Kids can practice the games whenever they are free to prevent gambling and other issues. It is extremely helpful for learning typing easily without the support a tutor or others. The game exactly fulfills the requirements of children who want to become a professional typist. Additionally, users will be able to check their progress levels at the end of each stage and level to type 35 to 60 words per minute. Level 1 stage 1 teaches children to practice typing in an order.
Although there are different types of games are available for children, dance mat typing will bring major benefits to users. Reviews and testimonials of this game can be gathered from the internet to get ideas about the playing process. The four levels in this game make feasible ways for focusing on the keyboard to type the letters rapidly. It also enhances a child to reach high levels in his or her life. Videos are also offered for beginners to learn typing depending on the needs. Guidelines are given to download the game from online in a simple manner. The kids can practice typing without any stress to experience desired outputs. It is an interactive game which encourages children to perform their typing process with the support of lessons.

BBC Dance Mat Typing Level 4

Almost all the activities in the modern age use the computer. Especially in the world that is digital it is a requirement that all the people should know and be efficient in touch typing. Without attending any sort of institutes touch typing can be learn easily as one can go through the website that is reliable and relevant for the information which it provides as BBC mat typing.

BBC Dance Mat Typing Level 2 - Stage 4
BBC Dance Mat Typing Level 2 – Stage 4

BBC Dance Mat Typing Level 4:

For the candidates who are well versed in the previous levels and stages can now move forward to the level 2 and in it the stage 1 which is known as Dance Mat Typing Level 2 – Stage 4. in this stage the learners of typing is taught about the keys in the first row or known as the upper row of the key board which is located in top of the home row. Letters covered in this row is p, o, I, u, y, t, r, e, w and q. out of this there are four letters I, u, e, and r which are covered in the first level itself as the stage two covers e and I while the stage 3 covers u and r.
In this stage the learners have to concentrate more on the other letters such as q, w, t, y, o, p. it is always advised for the learners to test their skills which is related to the levels that is previously learn before proceeding to every level that is new. In the starting of every stage they have a recap session which has games of words by using the letters which you have learn prior to this.


T and y

In this stage the two letters which are to be learn is t and y. The key is on the left side of the keyboard while the key y is on the right side of the keyboard. The t key is pinned with the pointer finger in the left hand, so the left hand pointer finger is used for keys f, g, r and t while the pointer finger in the right hand is used to pin the letter y along with the letters j, h, u, and y. The fruits are present to measure the progress and the score obtained to help you to view how far you have achieved and how far you are clear with these letters.

The touch typing tutorials are prepared much in a manner that it makes the learners to learn it without any hard work and indulging more efforts. Since the previous stages are accessed this acts as a tool which help most of the learners to be fluent in the skills without committing more errors while typing. With the use of dance mat typing learners not only enjoys the game which is with the cartoons but also the learner learns touch typing with the comfort of their home. One finds this learning to be interesting and interactive with the aspect of the game that is communicative.

Skills of Typing Increases In Stage 2

Dance Mat Typing enables the learners to learn touch typing through various stages. Before one moves to the next stage learners are instructed to first practice their earlier lessons so that they acquire expertise and become perfect. Moreover the above way tests as to how far one has gained typing knowledge related to the letters in the home row. Dance Mat Typing level 1 Stage 2 guides the learners to learn the vowel letters namely e and i. The above procedure of typing involves hitting of the letters e and I keys where in one should not remove their hands placed on the home row. Left hand is used to operate the letter e and the right hand is used for typing the letter i. When one has to type the letter e one has to use the finger which is resting on the letter d and for typing I one has to hit the letter with the finger which is placed on the letter k.

Learners do not find the above procedure a difficult one as they have got already accustomed to shifting of the fingers which they have learnt in Stage 1 for typing f and g and j and h. Thus the stage 2 teaches the learners to learn typing of words with the letters e and I wherein they are taught to type easy words in the beginning and then enable them to learn medium and difficult words. Learners can check their skills and progress related to their new lessons which is displayed through records on the track bar. Learners find the above method of learning an interesting one as they learn typing with fun and entertainment. Moreover one need not use their eyes and strain the same as the method of typing is touch typing. Many consider the above type of learning typing a healthy procedure as it offers several health benefits also. Another enhancing feature of touch typing is that one learns typing with increased speed in a faster manner that too in a short span of time. So access the website and learn typing in a comfortable and convenient manner.