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Learn typing using BBC mat typing

In the present days a candidate need not go to a typing institute to learn typing under the instructor’s guidance. The logic is that the technologies are advanced to a great extent that a candidate can learn typing with the help of BBC dance mat typing with an approach that is easy and there are numerous stages which is taught in a manner that is interesting. The things which are required to study touch typing by using dance mat typing are the internet and computer. Just go through a website that is relevant and go to the features of the game that is interactive, which helps the learners who are new to learn typing with full of entertainment and fun.
Now let us discuss about what is learnt in the first stage, the keys which are used in stage 1 are “fdsajklgandh”. the letters above are in the home row of the keyboard; it is positioned in the center of the keyboard. Asd is keyed with the fingers of the left hand and kl; are keyed with the right. The order of the letters is in such a way that the fingers are positioned properly to be keyed.
Expert in typing skills:
For giving space between the letters the users have to key the space bar when it is required. To type the h and g letters the typers are advised to use the pointer fingers. There should be a movement in the fingers to move from f to g and j to h. once a letter is completed with the home row then he can move to the row that is in the top. The improvement and progress in typing related to the first stage can be known through a record bar that is smashed at the bottom of the screen. Thus with the help of touch typing one can be a typing skill expert in a short span of time.
What you can get by learning touch typing:

  • You will be able to type faster even without looking at the keys
  • Attain uniqueness among a group of people who are equipped with typing skills that are unusual
  • When you learn typing properly, you will be able to type a minimum of 65 words for every minute easily.
  • Irrespective of any qualification or profession the touch typing skills are always honored.

What is attractive about the typing game?
The typing does not stop with the letters it also includes punctuations, to type faster the finger used for the punctuation should be known clearly. The class is instructed through the animated snake which is green in colour. The way in which it interacts with people is superb. After the instructions given by the snake, you are given a session to practice with series of letters which are to be typed, as the letters are displayed on the top of the window.
In the animation mode, the demo on how the hand should be kept on the keyboard is well established. The touch typing always give a good support to the wrist bones, health to spine when it is done in the proper manner. If not done properly people get pains in intervals regularly.

Characteristics of BBC Mat Typing – stage 4 of level 4

Move on with higher stages of level 4 in BBC Dance Mat Typing game to complete learning touch typing of keys in keyboard. This skill will be useful in various means for people of all ages. Acquire the skill with fun through BBC Mat Typing – Stage 4, a well programmed fun filled animated game.
• Dancing hippo and African themed music makes this stage 4 of level 4 in BBC Dance Mat Typing game a tremendous experience.
• The Dance moves of hippo typically represent belly dance and the hippo looks very pretty. The baby hippo sleeping on a pillow when practice session has started looks good as well.
• This stage 4 of level 4 focuses on two keys on the upper row such as “t” and “y”.
• Just like any other stage, this stage starts with reviewing the keys learnt in previous stages. This helps students to learn better and remember keys. Here during practice, students would be asked to type a series of letters with two keys learnt in the home row long back, namely, “e” and “i”. This is followed by the keys “r” and “u”.
• This practice test makes students to be fluent with these four letters of the upper row.
• Then the actual course of this stage starts.
• As both of these keys “t” and “y” lie next to next in the middle of the keyboard in upper row, the left hand hits “t” and the right hand takes control over the other letter “y”. For both the keys, pointer fingers of both hands are used.
• Therefore, as a compilation of what you have learnt so far the stage ends with focusing on the fact that the left pointer finger takes control over the letters such as r, t, f and g keys while the right pointer finger takes control over the letter such as u, y, j and h.
• As hippo has taken break for munching apples while you practice, your score will be displayed in terms of number of apples. If you have scored higher, you would be displayed with maximum number of apples.

Best Ever Kids Typing Games Absolutely Free To Play

Typing is an essential skill in these days and especially in this modern computer world parents are started to turn their kid to learn typing. To enhance and improve the skill in typing for kids there are lot of ways to teach kids, but are something special with their intelligence so need to choose attractive games to learn the process of typing without hassle. Unlike past, days are more advanced with internet technology and uncounted number of games is available online for fun and entertaining children with numerous ways. Most of the parents prefer to choose this excellent way of making their kids to develop in various activities with fun of learning online, and one among the gaining popular choice for typing games is dance mat typing games. Still if you are not sure how to train your kids typing skill, then dance mat typing games is good way to expose your kid’s skill in typing.

The gaining popular choice for typing games

There is good number of typing games available on internet but choosing the best is more important, when you think to educate your kids typing with excellent source of information then dance mat typing games will enhance their skill in typing from the beginning stage. This is a game where kids can find on internet for free cost and easily they can start to type with fun and interactive ways through music, dance which are embedded in the program. Definitely kids are more beneficial with this program and they would like to go more levels in these games, and one among the brilliant level is BBC Mat Typing – Stage 5, here kids able to start learning to type with different set of letters in the keyboard with more practicing according to the dance.

If you think still you kid is not much aware of typing skill, then this game is absolutely perfect choice to enable your kid’s skill to type without having look and the keyboard. This is quite amazing and entertaining your kids typing skill with more accuracy and faster without any difficult training programs. Moreover kids can enjoy the way of learning with music, and definitely this will assist them for future studies in their career by providing more flexibility in typing skills. BBC Mat typing game can be accessed easily online and you can download it from the internet if you choose to play for offline version; however this game is good to practice your kids typing skill from the earlier stage with advanced techniques.

Improve Typing Skills From Dance Mat Typing

Now children can learn typing when they play the game of bbc dance mat typing level 1.Is not it wonderful that children at their very younger age can learn typing with fun and entertainment features of the game as well. Now let us how the children learn the bbc dance. The first stage deals with the home rows of the key board. Keys in the home row can be found located at the centre of the keyboard. Here one can find the letters such as a, s, d, , k, l and the semi colon. Such letters have their placement in such a manner that one can operate their position of the fingers in a convenient way. One learns the typing of the above letters with the help of both the right and left hand fingers. F,d and s are operated by left hand fingers and right hand fingers are placed on the j, k, l and semi colon. Thumb finger is used for purposes of hitting the space bar whenever there is a need to operate the space bar. Both the left and right hand pointer fingers are used to make movements from letter f to g and letter j to h.

Now the player of the dance mat game becomes fully aware of the operation of the home row keys. When one has mastered the art of typing of the letters in the home rows one is instructed to type words which can be formed with the letters found in the home row. Performance of the players can be assessed with the help of smashed records bar which one can find as a display feature at the bottom of the screen. In this manner a player can undergo the typing lessons with the help of the dance mat game offered by BBC.


Once the gamer achieves efficiency in typing the letters in the home row next he or she is taught to type the two vowels namely e and i. In order to type the above two vowels one should know to type them with just hitting them without removal of their hands from the home row. Letter e is hit with the left hand finger and I is hit with the right finger. The finger which is used to type the letter d hits the e letter and the finger used for k is used to hit the letter i. The above process is known as shifting in terms of learning typing. Thus one easily acquires the skills of typing with the introduction of dance mat games.

Information Related To Dance Mat Typing

Children’s curiosity arises when they start learning about a particular game. They want to learn the various stages of the game and become expert players in all the levels of the game. The above factor is applicable to dance mat typing level 2 also. Players who play the game of typing want to move from one level to another. Once the first level is crossed they start trying their hands on the typing level2. Now let us see what the dance mat typing level 2 is all about. When a player becomes efficient with the home row that deals with certain specific letters then one can now focus on the level 2 that teaches one to use their fingers on the upper row on the key board. The upper row has letters namely q, w, e, r, t, y, u, I, o and p. Among such letters a player has already become efficient in typing letters like e, r, u and I which have already been covered in Level 1. In the Level 2 one learns the letters like t and y that enables one to move to the Stage 4. Before commencing with the letters players first practice the previous stages wherein their typing skills are displayed with results displayed in the form of reviews. In order to achieve maximum fluency in typing the letters e, r, u and I in the top row one needs a lot of practice in a systematic manner along with follow up of the instructions.


Learners who want to be efficient in typing the t and y keys should use their left hand for operation of t and the right hand for operation of y. For purposes of typing the above letters players use the pointer finger which is also used for typing f, g, r and t keys. Symbol used to ascertain the score and progress of the players is by way of fruits display which well describes how the player is capable of typing the letters in the upper row. For purposes of moving to the next stages dance mat makes an assessment of the players’ capabilities and skills of typing with brief reviews and players who get the good reviews are instructed to move to the next level. After one gains the expertise in the operation of home row and upper row one is taught the main keys namely w and o which is a part of the Level

Learners Feel Relaxed On Reaching BBC Mat Typing- Stage 12

Players not only find fun and enjoyment when they play BBC Mat Typing-Stage 12 but also they feel somewhat relaxed as they have entered the stage 12 Level 4. Level 4 of dance mat typing teaches the players to learn about the shift keys. Previous stages with the three levels has taught the learners as far using the home row letters along with bottom and top row letters inclusive of the various punctuation marks namely semi colon, comma, full stop and the forward slash. In the last stage of the play learners are taught to type the words in capitals which need the operation of the shift keys. Here one not only reviews their perfection at full hand typing which one can ascertain from the display screen but one keeps themselves ready for learning related to the process of capitalization. Both the right and the left hand side one can find the shift keys positioned in the keyboard. Learners are required to use their pinky figure for purposes of pressing the shift bars on both the sides that is the right and the left. Hence with stage 12 one gets practice to type the letters in the capital form. Now with the play procedure one has got well acquainted with all the rows of the key board and more practice makes the learners acquire talent in typing.

Comparison to the Traditional Method of Learning Typing

Learners always look for the easy methods of learning. With technological advancements and innovations it has become easy for the learners to learn anything without facing complex problems. In comparison to the traditional method of learning typing learners find BBC Typing –Stage 12 an enhanced one that offers them fun and enjoyment when they learn to type. They acquire the needed speed in a short span of time which they can put to use in their future career life. From the point of view of efforts that one needs to put is also comparatively less when they learn typing through dance mat typing. Another beneficial factor of dance mat typing is that one need not look into the keyboard as with the touch of fingers one can type the letters for which they practice themselves more and more to become experts in the field of typing. Strain to the eyes gets reduced due to touch typing. Learners get an enjoyable experience through dance mat typing with a step by step procedure of learning.

Learning typing with latest software programs

In the modern world today, typing skills are an essential one for employees and others to complete the tasks quickly while working in the computers. Touch typing enhances a person to type the letters in the keyboard faster without seeing the keyboard and removing the fingers. It helps to maintain efficiency levels at the time of typing documents. There are different types of software games that are specially meant for improving the touching typing skills in an effective manner. BBC dance typing is one among them which creates opportunities for children and people of other ages to learn typing interestingly with cartoons and other features. It helps to know the basic concepts of typing step by step to excel in jobs.

This software program also serves as an interactive game to spend time usefully. Children are mainly benefited by this software to create more words per minute. Apart from that, they will be able to minimize errors when typing the letters. The primary objective of BBC is to make typing an easier one by learning the lessons step by step. BBC dance mat typing level 1 involves three stages and allows users to improve touch typing skills easily. In stage 1, a person can learn to type the letters in the keyboard that covers home row. Learners can check their progress levels after finishing each stage. It is possible to use the letters in the keyboard by reading the guidelines. BBC dance mat typing makes feasible ways for maintaining accuracy levels when creating the words.

Nowadays, most children spend their time in the internet by watching cartoons and playing games which result in addiction issues. BBC typing software helps a child to learn touch typing as well as watching latest cartoons to relax mind. The second stage provides methods for knowing how to use the two vowels e and i in the keyboard. Anyone can download this software directly from the internet to practice typing without any difficulties. BBC dance mat typing level 1 paves ways for those who want to learn type the letters without looking into a keyboard. The 3rd stage helps to know how to operate the keys u and r in an effective manner.

Touch typing is necessary for typing 35 to 60 words per minute. Anyone who wants to become an expert in typing can try BBC software for achieving the goals to a greater extent. All the 3 stages in level 1 give ideas on how to use the letters correctly while typing the words. Users can be able to learn typing within short period of time by meeting exact requirements.

Reviews and ratings of BBC mat typing software program are available from the online to learn typing according to needs. The game includes typing lessons for beginners to improve skills in the typing process. Smashed records bar in this program is a suitable one for knowing the updates in the level 1. Moreover, it provides the methods for developing the abilities of both right and left hands to maintain the touch typing speeds.

BBC Dance Mat Typing Tutorial For Kids

BBC Dance Mat Typing Level 1
BBC Dance Mat Typing Level 1

Dance Mat Typing is a game offered by BBC with different levels and stages that enables the players to learn not only the game but also one acquires efficiency in the course of time as they get ample opportunities to learn and improve their skills of typing. Dance Mat Typing level 1 Stage 1 makes the learners to type the letters in the home row of the key board which one can find located at the centre of the key board. Players make use of both the right and left hand fingers for typing letters a, s, d and k, l and the semicolon. The keys are positioned in such a manner that the beginners do not find much difficulty in typing or learning to type the letters. Learners use the thumb fingers for purposes of hitting the space bar whenever one needs to create spaces in between the letters or words. Once a learner is finished with the letters in the home row one moves to the next stage of learning the remaining letters. The remaining letters are g and h for which one uses their pointer fingers which makes the shifting movement from f to g and in a similar manner makes switching movement from the letter j to h. Now players who learn to type the letters in the home row are instructed to try the words that form with the letters in the home row. Moreover a learner can make an assessment of his typing skills which is displayed at the bottom of the screen with the help of the smashed records.

All Levels of BBC Dance Mat Typing

The various levels of games offered by BBC on Dance Mat Typing level 1 Stage 1 is of an interactive type the helps the learners to learn the basics with best introductive features along with the different tutorials for the various stages of typing. Learners learn the touch typing in an interesting manner as the lessons are offered in an easy to follow approach with instructions provided in a step by step process. The game comes up with enhancing features like pleasing colorful cartoons that attract the players who learns touch typing with the best communicative and interactive methods. Moreover players get the best guidance when they learn the various stages and various levels. Here one learns the art of touch typing without using their eyes and one acquires the expertise in such a manner that they can type anything in a fast and speedy manner.

Learn Various Stages Of Touch Typing

Touch typing not only offers fun and entertainment features but also enables the learners to learn the various stages that make one shine with their typing skills and capabilities. Really when one crosses the different levels one’s curiosity increases and hence they move to the next stage. Stages from four to ten are so interesting and thrilling. Now let us see what is BBC Mat Typing- Stage10 Stage 10 deals with the remaining letters namely x and z which one can find in the bottom row. When, one finishes their learning the above two letters one can then move on to the various punctuation marks. When one learns perfectly the third level then with the help of the game one can learn to type x,z and the related keys. One has to use the finger which is used for typing a on the home row and can further move to type letters namely a, q and z. The letter x can be typed by the finger which we use for typing s along with other letters like s, w and x. For punctuation marks like apostrophe one has to use the right hand pinky finger to move towards the right and hit the sign keys. Similar approach enables one to hit the other signs. A learner can observe his or her progress which is indicated at the smashed plates at the bottom of the game.


Traditional method of typing needs one to use both their eyes and fingers. But in case of touch typing one need not use their sight for determination of the keys. Learners easily learn through the games the use of the keys with their fingers and become efficient and fast in their typing skills and capabilities. Nowadays offices prefer their employees to practice touch typing as one becomes eligible to type nearly 65 words per minute. Thus touch typing has enhancing benefits which has earned recognition and value in the fast moving world of technologies.


BBC Mat Typing- Stage 10 is an interactive game which helps the gamers to make a tour of the game starting with introductory features, tutorials and reviews so that one finds it easy and comfortable to learn touch typing. Learners through various stages of the game learn typing in a step by step process. The attractive features of the game is that one can find colorful cartoons which interact and communicate with the players and players show their excitement towards learning the touch typing. They guide them in such a way that the players cum learners walk through all stages of touch typing without any trouble. Players do not find the task of typing a hard one as they find the learning of typing the various keys in a continuous manner with fun and excitement features.


Touch typing offers several benefits. If one views from the point of view of health concerns one can observe the best postures. For instance one keeps their spine straight, easy movement of wrists as well one maintains easy and relaxed features. The above really reduces the health problems when one indulges in the continuous typing process for a longer span of time. The game with touch typing enables the people of all ages to benefit a lot in their day to day life.

Children Enjoy BBC Mat Typing

Children love to play games on their computers. They with the help of their parents try to find out free programs related to games. One such game available for kids to enjoy is the BBC Mat Typing-Stage 1which is the courtesy of BBC. Parents prefer their kids exposed to typing games. The above game is played on the internet wherein the kids learn to pick up touch typing which comes as an embedded feature during the play of the fun and interactive games. The above program enables the children to learn and develop typing skills wherein one need not look at the computer keyboard along with typing in a faster pace with higher degree of accuracy and speed. The above acquisition of touch typing skills can definitely help the children in their future career.


BBC Mat Typing Stage-1as a game offers guidance to the kids who can become a proficient typist through the game journey. In comparison to the traditional type of learning typing in an institute students get attracted towards touch typing as the games are presented with cartons and funny animation features. Children have the option of playing the game for free online as well one can download the same from the internet. Offline versions enable the children to play the games during their free time and according to their comfort and convenience. The above also is an advantage as the children can practice the game several times and their speed of typing also increases accordingly. There are many games available for children to consider. One among them which is very much popular is BBC dance mat typing games for kids.


Access the relevant website and find out information related to BBC Mat Typing Stage-1. The above deals with the beginning of the game which should be played with the help of the home row of the keyboard. In other words, home row keys are the centre keys have letters namely a, s, d and end with k, l and colon and semi colon. One can use the left hand fingers for letter f, d, s and right hand fingers touch j, k, l and so on. Thumb finger is used for hitting the space bar as per the requirement. Pointer fingers are used for the left over keys i.e g and h. Pointer fingers make switch movements also wherein one uses them to switch over from f to g and j to h. Thus the keys in the home row are completely used and users at a later stage use the keys with the right fingers for typing several words and letters. One can ascertain their level of typing capabilities with the help of the smashed records provided at the bottom of the screen.


With advancement in computer and technology it has become compulsory that everyone needs to know touch typing at an early stage. From children to older people one can find their use of computers for their various needs. Hence it is essential that everyone learns to type faster which has become possible with BBC Mat Typing Stage-1and people learn the skill without more efforts in an easy method.