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How to Play Each Level Of BBC Dance Typing Stages?

Dance Mat Typing Games is a teaching game that makes you to have a fun time while playing the game, touch typing. One could able to find four levels in these games and which is then further divided into 3 stages. The first stage is consists of playing with the home row keys. These home keys are first thought to them at the first level of the game. While your kid goes no to the next stages he or she would experience in having a lesson on the previous stages.

BBC Dance Mat typing

The introduction of new letters to your kids would help them to improve his or her hidden talent. Even the concepts of fun rewards are also made to your kids in a way to improve their skill, talent and also to speed up their typing. The level 1 starts up with the home row keys, as it consists of 3 stages. Stage one contains the keys like f, d, s, a, j, k, l, g and h. stage 2 contains e and I and stage 3 consists of r and u letter keys.

On completing this level your kid can move on to the next level by clicking the button to the next stage. The level 2 consists of six keys (above the home row keys). Those six keys are as follows t, y, p, q, o and w. stage 5 consists of w and o. stage 4 consists of t and y, stage 6 consists of p and q. on completing these stages play on to the 2nd level by clicking on to the next level button.  The next level on this touch and typing game is level 3. Those keys are like v, c, n, b, m and it also consist of comma.

Stage 7 consist of v and m keys, stage 9 include c key and stage 8 contains n and b. play on the next level of 4 with the letters x and z. stage 12 contains the shift keys that is your kid can make how to type in capital keys and stage 11 contains / key. Stage 10 key consists f the letter x and z.

Advantages of Playing Dance Mat Typing Games

There are various advantages and assistance on giving the BBC dance mat program to your child. This is a program that fully consists of fun and enjoyment. It also gives your child with more enjoyment. This program is not only used by the kids but also the aged ones are also using the program. They are widely benefited on using this typing mat. These types of typing mat let you in a way to type speedily and they can able to minimize the mistake while typing. Even the business persons are also benefited on using the BBC typing mat.

Dance Mat Typing Level 1

The BBC typing mat also conduct tests on typing, after giving out the practices. This program consists of 4 levels and finally with 3 stages. The kids are very well utilized on using this program. This typing mat program gives them an enjoyable typing friend in order to grow up their talent and could able to make their practice of typing to grow up in a good manner. the three stages in the BBC typing mat program gives you complete feel of enjoyment and as well as it is helpful to your kids in learning the typing from their child days itself.

Each and every stage in this program makes your kid to learn the program from its beginning stage to the complete last level on it. BBC Mat Typing –Stage 4 is a fun and colorful game that gives you the more colorful work with animation is made in it. This game is introduced to the kids from age 7 to 11. That is the primary school children are very well utilized on the using this stages. They could able to get on through the information about the home key, middle row keys, bottom row keys and the uses of the shift key and many else.

There are also other typing games for the kids with full of animation and the other entertainments are also made to them in order to get on through the complete practice of typing. On using this program your kid could able to improve his or computer skill and can improves computer skills also.

Crazy and Funny Stages for Your Kids

There is a wide improvement in the technology, for this statement here is a wonders instance, learning the lesson how to type for kids. This is a wonderful art that is extremely made out for the kids, in order to learn the program of typing from their childhood days itself. The future rock star kids are enjoying their future life with by learning their lesson of typing from their childhood days itself. Through this flash, your kids could able to learn the lesson of how to type on a keyboard. This would help them to type on the keyboard of your personal computers or else in mobile phones.

BBC Dance Mat typing

Nowadays the kids are very well talented. These coaching are made to them in order to bring out their hidden talent. This flash is exclusively meant for the kids to explore their hidden talent in a way to utilized by the world. BBC Mat Typing –Stage 1 is the first lesson that is been thought to the kids in a way to type with correct figures. BBC dance mat is very crazy and funny. It is supportive in showing your kids the correct fingers to learn typing. A kid can make use of this program with every week. This BBC dance mat for kids consists of four levels and contains 3 stages in total.

One could able to see many typing games in online, those games give your kids with full of enjoyment and joy and also make your child to learn the art of typing simultaneously. You can easily download the typing games and make use of it to your kids. Touch typing games are the one that is simply typing without looking on to the computer keyboard. By continuous play with this game you could able to make your kid relax themselves and at the same he or she could able to learn the art of typing.

One could able to find only advantages on having BBC mat typing in their home. This would also make your child to be at home itself instead of playing in hot sun.

Ways to Choose the Right Game of Typing

There are numerous sites which offer the game of typing for kids and it is a little hectic job to find the one which is the best game which suits your kids. In the world today there are many parents who introduce the various software’s which are related to the education purpose but there are still a couple of parents who do not have much awareness as to the various benefits which are accustomed to the benefits of these software’s. They are not sure how their kids will be benefited through these online software.

Different Stages of Dance Mat Typing
Different Stages of Dance Mat Typing

Level in the Course:

The whole course is been divided into four levels and these levels are divided into three stages each. In these stages you will be able to learn the fingering for all the keys. Let us briefly know about the fingering of each key according to its stages. After the completion of each stage you pass on to the next one. When you are in the beginning of the stage you will have the recap of the stages which you have crossed previously.

Stage 1:

The first stage is based on the keys in the home row. The fingering for this is

The pointer fingers keys the letters g, f, h, j

The middle finger keys k, d

The ring finger keys s, l

The little finger keys ; , a

Stage 2:

In this stage you learn two vowels letter e and i

The middle finger keys – e, i

Stage 3:

The third stages introduces you to the two new letters namely the r and u

The pointing fingers key the letters r and u

Level 2:

In this level you have a quick revision of the previous levels then you are introduced to letters of the new level.

Stage 4:

The letters which is taught in this stage is t and y

The pointing finger is used to key the letters t and y

Stage 5

This level concentrates on the completion of the keys in the top row so in this level we learn the letters w and o.
Both the letters w and o is dealt with the ring finger of both the hands.

Stage 6:

After completing almost all the keys which are present in the top row, the left out keys are the letters q and p
The little finger is used to key the letters q and p

Level 3:

In this level the letters which are present in the bottom row is learnt

Stage 7:

Letters v and m is been keyed using pointer fingers

Stage 8:

Letters b and n are keyed with pointer fingers

Stage 9:

C and , is keyed by middle finger

Level 4:

In this level we learn all the letters that is left out in the bottom row.

Stage 10:

In this stage we learn x, z, ‘ thepinky finger keys ‘ and z while the ring finger keys the letter x

Stage 11:

For keying .ring finger is used and for / the pinky finger is used

Stage 12:

For both the shift keys use the pinky fingers

Make the kids learn typing through games

In the present competition which is prevailing between children the ratio of parents who try to give the best to their kids in numerous activities has been increased. The parents do this by putting their maximum effort and one among the various activities is encouraging to give the knowledge of computer to their child. In the world today technology plays a vital role, in all the fields the usage of computer system is increasing. Being parents it is our duty to give training to the kids on the skills like computer exclusively with the keyboard usage.

Typing skills:

In order to encourage the typing skills of kids definitely we have to adopt some technique one or the other, which should be interesting for the child to train the skills of typing in a manner that is entertaining and excellent. Online provides you with lot of methods to improve their typing skills, one among them are the advent of typing games for kids. The main motive of online typing games is to provide entertainment to kids and at the same point they also learn how to type faster without any errors.

Advantages of learning online keyboard typing:

  • In online there are n numbers of typing games which are available for free. If you want to play online typing game do not be frustrated by thinking how to start, where to start. It is very simple the online game can be played even without downloading any software, only a net connection is needed to play the game online.
  • If you are searching for the kid’s game that is the best to entertain the kids typing skill then you can go in for BBC dance mat typing. This is a perfect choice for the people who are in the level of intermediate in the skill of typing.
  • Due to the development of internet kids tend to learn new things in a rapid speed without getting any help from others, they learn by browsing through the internet
  • You can teach the kids the typing skill directly with features that are attractive and interesting like sound, special graphics and pictures of high quality.
  • Among the entire best thing is that the BBC dance mat typing for kids are completely free. You can make your kid play whenever he wants and from wherever he likes through online.
  • The typing games which are available online for kids are released with different levels. You can select the apt one for your kid based on the skill of typing he has.

However the online typing games which are designed for kids are very attractive and the truth is it is also highly interactive with the characters of cartoons that are special, this gives more enjoyment and fun to the kids. This encourages the child to come back and play regularly without moving away. Thus this will improve the skill of typing of your kid even without looking at the keyboard they will be able to type perfectly and become an expert in the skill of typing.

Kids Typing Games- Gaining Popular Game Online To Build Up Your Kids Typing Skill

Every parent is taking more efforts for their children to stay ahead of their class in various activities. The world is moving very fast and it becomes essential and inevitable for every child to improve their typing skill because this is internet world. There is misconception about the typing skill, many those thinks it’s quite daunting to be an expert in typing but with proper efforts this could be easy for everyone. If you think you need to train your kid at the beginning stage, there are plenty of options to improve their typing skill. In recent years kids are more attracted and eager to play and learn online, why don’t take this as opportunity to develop their learning skill, yes here the advent of BBC kids dance mat typing game came in to existence for internet users. There is good number of kids typing games available online but few of them extremely popular, as a parent this is best way to train your kids typing skill without help of others just with the software.


Practicing with kids typing games online

  • Before start practicing with kids typing games is sure to go with good one.
  • Don’t think its daunting with the process of downloading the game
  • Look for the interactive features and high quality graphics, designs are added in the software so that kids are more attracted to learn while they play
  • Good typing software focuses more on the hand position of touching the each key which is vital for typing
  • Check if there enough amount of lessons or levels available for kids to cover the entire keys in the keyboard.
  • In a nutshell the BBC dance mat typing level 4 is best choice of typing games for kids online, and you can consider while selecting the typing games online.
  • Of course most of the people choice and suitable for all ages of kids is mat dance kids typing games

Check out online to know better about the kids typing games and more information of the game. Definitely the kids typing games will enhance and improve the kids typing skill and techniques with the free dance mat typing game online.

Features of BBC Mat Typing – Stage 11 of Level 4

With increased use of internets and computers, don’t you ever think it is mandate to learn touch typing? If you feel just like us, try BBC Mat Typing – Stage 11 games that are available online with different stages. Every stage focuses on different keys and practices. After completing all the stages, you would master keys in keyboard and it’s sure that you can type faster than any others. The animated background attracts people of all ages, especially children. ‘Learn while you play’ is the basic concept of this game.

Find below what is so attractive about Level 4 and stage 11 of Mat typing game:

  • Under this stage 11 of level 4, you would be learning two keys such as “/” and “.”. So far, you are introduced with alphabetical letters until z from three rows. However, Language is not just with letters. Punctuation makes it interesting and complete to make good sense. Therefore, this stage of level 4 focuses on punctuations.
  • Which finger should go for these punctuation marks on keyboard is very important to type faster. This has been well illustrated in the demo. For instance, using ring finger of your left hand you can hit full stop. Similarly, using your right hand’s pinky finger you can hit slash comfortably.
  • Green coloured animated snake is the one that instructs the class. The way it interacts with people is awesome.
  • After instructions from the snake, you are allowed to have a practice session with series of letters to be typed, which is displayed on top of the screen.
  • In the animation, demo on how to keep hands over keyboard is well portrayed. Touch typing always support good health of spine and wrist bones, when it’s done properly. Otherwise, some people get pains in regular intervals.

What will you get if you learn touch typing?

  • Ability to type faster without looking at the keys.
  • Attain uniqueness among people with unusual typing skills.
  • When learnt properly, you would acquire the ability to type at least 65 words for every minute with so ease.
  • As touch typing skill is always been honoured irrespective of any profession.

Gaining Popular Kids Typing Software Available Online For Free

Its proven fact and many of the parents would agree that kids typing games online is very excellent tool to improve the typing skill of your kids through the computer keyboards without moving out. Definitely everyone wants to develop the typing skill of their kids, but it’s important to choose the right tool so that kids are more impressive and eager to learn online. There are so many ways to attract the kids but the kids typing game are involved with much more fun to play and at same time they can able to enhance their typing skill with the keyboard. Nowadays computer becomes an essential tool of day to day life, thus it’s necessary for the user and requires typing skills with computer. There are more than hundreds of kids typing games available online, the important thing is to find the right one for your kid’s skill level and start typing with the game.

Learning Games for Kids with More Fun

Learning with fun is really more interesting for kids and they learn how to type from the kids typing games online without any spending money. Kids are very young at this age and they can learn how to use the letters in the keyboard and how to position the fingers when they type on the typing games. There is misconception among many of them, that online games are only for fun but the BBC Mat typing- stage 6 is amazing level and in this level kids are become more experienced in typing without any frustration.

The ultimate goal of the game is to type fluidly and without looking the keyboard kids become expert to type with their fingers by typing the letters which are displayed on the screen. This game is more helpful for the kids at the beginning stage of typing skill. Use the dance mat typing games for and help them to learn and improve their typing skill. This is not only to enhance the typing skill further more this is considered as education software and also provides good source of entertainment for the kids with the typing games online for free.

Kids Love Fun Oriented Typing Lessons

If you are finding it difficult to make your kids learn typing using a keyboard, then here is a great solution for you that can ease your stress. Yes, it is true and certainly many parents like you have found amazing results in teaching their kids some quick lessons on typing. If you are looking for an interesting option like that for your kids, then online websites that provide stage level typing lessons is what you should be looking into. Before you teach your kids how to use the website, make sure that you get the idea correct so that you can guide your children in the best way so that there is no difficulty while they undergo each and every stage. Anything that you take to your kids must be easily understandable and at the same time should be attractive for the children to learn.

Without these two factors it is merely not possible for your kids to have concentration while learning. Since there is so much use of computers in schools, today learning typing for kids has become an essential one without which it is hard for your kids to compete with the rest. These typing lessons that you find in the site like the BBC Mat Typing -Stage 8 will have every basic steps to make your kid excel in typing. The stages are very clear and can be understood easily.

  • Once you get an idea about what is being focused to learn, you can similarly guide your children to learn the lessons at every stage.
  • Not most, every lesson in the typing stages has a story with some beautiful anime cartoon characters involved.
  • It is so much colorful that you kids are sure to love these lessons make it as a habit to learn on a daily basis.
  • Making them type with a laptop without any interesting feature can surely bore kids whereas these lessons are loved and admired by even grownups like us.

So, now it is so simple and effortless to train in your kids in learning keyboard typing and make them outstanding in their career.

Letters LearnDuring Stage 3

People who learn touch typing really finds the learning an interesting one when they move from one level to another level. The reasons for such enthusiasm are that one’s curiosity increases when they learn one after another the various alphabets. Whatever the letters in the home row which is placed at the centre of the keyboard is the starting point of the learning that is the first stage. After the second stage when the learners move to the third stage they are taught to type the r and u letters wherein one uses the finger placed on f that is the left hand and the right hand finger is used to type u which is placed on j along with practising the vowels e and i. So before Dance Mat Typing level 1 Stage 3 is reached one is required to practice the letters in the home row and the vowels e and i. The bar at the bottom of the dance mat displays eggs which enable the learners to assess their improvement features of learning the various stages and thus one can keep a track of their development in typing skills.

Learners find the procedure almost the same with an exception that one uses the various relevant fingers so that they type the letters properly. For instance in stage one learner uses their pointer fingers for typing g and h. What the learners infer is that right pointer finger is used for typing f, g and r and left pointer finger is used for typing j, h and u. When one goes on practising the pointer fingers for the above mentioned letters one’s proficiency also increases. With practice one acquires perfection and one finds it easy to move both the hands in a faster manner. Thus speed of typing also accordingly increases. Dance Mat Typing with the interactive game features helps the learners to learn touch typing in a step by step process. The animated colourful cartoon features makes the learning of touch typing more interesting with fun and entertainment. Learners do not find the above method of learning a boredom which one finds in learning typing from the Institutes.